Top 5 Emotional Games of 2014

OnlySP: As the year draws to a close, let’s take a look back at the Top 5 tear-jerking and/or heartbreaking games of 2014.

Warning spoilers ahead.

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Hamzaali2026d ago

Monochroma bestest ever

redknight802026d ago

I found the inclusion of Watch Dogs very odd...even more odd because of this quote at the end of the paragraph:

"Overall, Watch_Dogs did okay emotionally"

Doesn't seem like something you'd say of a game that sits in a Top 5 anything list "did okay"...hmm, strange.

R6ex2026d ago

After The Last of Us & Beyond Two Souls, no other game connected with me on an emotional level.

I am resigned to engage the following media only on these levels:
Games - Action
Movies - Emotions