Achievements: What We Need to Have Fun

One of our writers explores what achievement systems are doing to gaming culture: the good, the bad, and the unfortunate truth.

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r3f1cul2031d ago

achievements/trophies can either make or break a game IMO ... gta 5 for instance i absolutely hate the achievements and it ruins an otherwise fun game... mainly the gold mission requirements that annoy me, especially considering i dont think there is a way to even check what the requirements for gold are on the mission the first time you play through without looking up a guide for it online somewhere(i could be wrong about that but i dont think i am)and other games i really enjoy like diablo 3 reaper of souls making you play hardcore and get all the characters to max level gives great length and varied gameplay instead of just maining one character and getting bored of being OP as hell :/

Donnywho2031d ago

I regret about half of my platinum trophies. Seriously regret. Just not worth it unless you're having fun.

jlfleur2031d ago

What made you go for them? There was no point in the midst of the process when you decided it wasn't worth it? I'm not trying to be accusatory; I'm genuinely interested in what drove you forward.

Donnywho2031d ago

It started out as getting the most out of few games I really enjoyed and then It turned into a silly addiction to platinums. I'm a masochist when it comes to games. I enjoy failing until I understand perfection and then failing a million more times in pursuit of it. So even knowing it's not worth it and knowing that I'm not even in love with the game it still somehow became worth it. Trophies were a new concept and they temporarily tricked me into overplaying games I wasn't in love with. I don't chase trophies anymore. But I'm still crazy.

madcowzz2031d ago

I'm all for the trophies, although a lot can feel like a chore (see: almost all RPG's that require hundreds of hours to get that platinum). The only trophies I flat out refuse to achieve are online-only trophies since they're a bigger chore than anything and just not worth it.

Regarding the article, I still gladly play older games that don't have any achievements. Those are some of the most fun and memorable games there are. And let's not forget the Wii U, which features amazing games that don't have an achievement system

jlfleur2031d ago

What you say about Nintendo is very true, but I don't see them remaining so achievement neutral for long. There's a large enough audience who would like to see it.

I agree with what you say about older games that lack achievement systems, and I try to ignore the fact that I'm not earning them as I go. However, there are certainly very vocal people who refuse to return to older titles (even if they had enjoyed them in the past) simply because there are no achievement systems. They would rather wait for a re-release (look at Final Fantasy VII). While we can say, "well that's just their loss," and ignore it, we should also look at the bigger picture: There are some games, once popular and considered classic, that will fade from the gaming culture without the support of a remake. It's a sad future for many titles some older gamers have loved.

BladerunnerZX2031d ago

I love the Trophy /achievement systems that both Playstation and Xbox feature for many reasons.
First the Trophies allow me to have proof that I actually finished a game or accomplished a difficult task within the game itself even if I no longer own or play the game I have proof of my video game accomplishments.
Think of all the great Trophies and Achievements that us old school gamers would have amassed after over 30 years of gaming.

I have been a gamer since the Atari2600 days and back then the only way to prove you finished a game was to take a picture.

To be honest I really wish that Nintendo would create their own Trophy system. I would buy a Wii U right now if it had its own trophy system in place.

jlfleur2031d ago

I wonder why it's even necessary to have proof, though. I have never found myself in a dispute with another gamer over the legitimacy to my claims of a certain accomplishment, especially to the point where I would need to refer to my trophy list.

Still, I'm in the same boat as you are. I like to collect trophies/achievements, and I like to grab the hardest ones for the games I've most enjoyed. I just question if its worth the price the article mentions.

SegaGamer2031d ago

I like Achievements/Trophies but just do away with the grinding ones and the ridiculous online ones.

Grinding achievements is never fun, it just feels like time wasting, i only get them because i like to fully complete my games.

Ridiculous online ones like GTA 4's Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic are just stupid. Without a team of boosters it is going to take forever to get those types of achievements.

I wouldn't mind if online achievements were done away with completely to be honest, nobody likes doing online achievments really. We play online to just mess about with loads of other online players, we don't want online achievements being a main focus of our online playing time.

ShaunCameron2031d ago

I can agree with that and also would like to add DLC Achievements. If it wasn't for DLC Achievements, I would have more than the 7 completed games I presently have (Saints Row IV and Resident Evil 6).

SegaGamer2031d ago

I think i know why DLC achievements were invented. It was a sneaky little tactic of boasting sales of DLC. Game developers know how addicted some people are to achievements so they know that if they add achievements to DLC, people will buy it.

BladerunnerZX2030d ago

I agree SegaGamer.

Online Trophies/Achievements should not exist. Also do away with DLC Trophies.

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