More Losses for Infogrames

Atari parent Infogrames has posted an increased net loss for the first half of its fiscal year, as the company continues to try to get its financials back on track.

Net loss for the Lyon, France-based company stood at 41.8 million euros ($55 million) for the six-month period ended September 30. For the same time last year, Infogrames posted a net loss of 31.1 million euros ($41 million).

The company also noted that operating loss lessened to 33.4 million euros ($43.9 million) compared to 45.4 million euros ($59.7 million).

Infogrames and its North American subsidiary Atari are in the midst of a restructuring plan, which included drastically cutting its workforce and the selling of its internal studios to focus on external development. Shareholders recently approved a debt restructuring plan, which is intended to allow the firm to invest further into game development.

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SuperSaiyan44344d ago

Well Atari has a history of producing the best TRIPE when it comes to gaming. Perhaps they should wake up and realise that poorly created games are not actually acceptable in this generation.