Global Weekly Software Charts, 6th December 2014

Global Hardware by Platform:
PS4 713,315 (-33%) 16,566,530
XOne 515,598 (-49%) 9,444,633
3DS 513,719 (-27%) 47,903,879
WiiU 187,952 (-27%) 7,996,957
PS3 108,077 (-40%) 84,190,755
X360 102,098 (-58%) 83,976,138
PSV 64,536 (-31%) 9,299,773

Global Software:
1 Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (3DS)
2 Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
3 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (WiiU)
4 The Crew (PS4)
5 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4)

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DarkOcelet2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

7 million gap is huge. Well done PS4. I believe it will sell at least 18 million by the end of the year.

Cindy-rella2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

I cant believe the xbox one is so much cheaper than the ps4 and the ps4 is outselling it by such a wide sales margin. The xbox one has some very nice deals as well with selling a way cheaper console with a few free games but the more expensive ps4 is outselling it. I doubt the xbox one will go back up in price because that would slow sales even more.

DarkAstronaut2965d ago

People buy what their friends buy. The PS4 is the undeniable market leader, it's a tough position to be in for Microsoft. Which is why Microsoft dropped the price, they have to get consoles into peoples hands to try to create the same snowball effect that the PS4 already has.

The PS4 outsold the Xbox One 2:1 in the US on the tailend of 2 high rated exclusives. Sunset Overdrive and FH2. That says a lot and is probably what triggered the BF deals.

It's hard for Microsoft to compete against friends buying the PS4 cause their friends have it. Price was the only option left.

NewMonday2965d ago

PS4 could almost hit 18 million by the end of the year, called it months ago and nobody believed me.

Sayburr2965d ago

The Germans and the Japanese seem to HATE the XBO. Most of that 200k difference this week is from those two countries.

Manic20142965d ago

Xbox One the cheaper price in US is helping, Europe though the price is the same, hence why the PS4 is more of a attractive deal (Not that Xb1's is not) but EU was alway's Playstation's territory and Xbox alway's came second there.

mikeslemonade2965d ago

I will actually say something positive instead of my normal negative X1 comment.. They're both outselling the 3DS, and week after week the consoles continue to display that the home consoles are the most relevant forms entertainment in the gaming industry.

Muzikguy2965d ago

I like seeing that as well! I'm hoping the Japanese get back into consoles this generation

Pogmathoin2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Well done NewMonday with your predictions months ago... I never said anything because ummm, you know I was living a life.

People believe vgchartz when it suits them too it seems....

aCasualGamer2964d ago

I looked at the video game copy sales and what i take from that is... business is booming!

Gamers are really buying alot of games this time around!

Publishers and developers should respect this effort from the consumers to raise this industry even more by creating more different content than ever before.. and hopefully not a buggfest ala Unity.

MysticStrummer2964d ago

@Pogmathoin - We're all thankful that you put your exciting life on hold long enough to post that comment. As for vgchartz, it's well known to under track PS and over track XB, so if they have PS leading it's pretty safe to tentatively accept it as fact.

Loadedklip2964d ago

As DarkAstronaut mentioned ... people buy what their friends buy. PS4 already had a huge lead thus the appeal of XB1 even with a price drop is lower due to this.

So honestly ... you shouldn't be shocked that PS4 is still winning.

What you should be shocked is that XB1 is at least making it a fight now and is winning in the USA.

BattleAxe2964d ago


PS4 launched at $399.00 and Xbox One launched at $499.00. PS4 was $100.00 cheaper for the first 6 months after launch, that's why there's a 7 million unit gap.

MysticStrummer2964d ago

@BattleAxe - PS4's lead continued to grow at a fast rate even after the XB1 price cut. The only reason XB1 is doing so well this holiday is the extra price cut and the insane bundles on offer.

On another site that has nothing to do with gaming, I saw a thread yesterday from someone asking whether to get PS4 or XB1. The answers were overwhelmingly in PS4's favor, but the guy chose XB1 because it's cheaper with so much included in those bundles.

showtimefolks2964d ago


no doubt MS had some amazing bundles but don't forget sony had amazing bundles in Europe, where you could get the console cheaper and still get 2-3 games. nd in the USA ps4 bundles were not bad at all either

also i think consoles sell based off what someone's friend has, so last gen a lot of people bought xbox360(since it came out a year before ps3) and rest of the gen we saw that trend continue in the USA market especially.

MS/xbox one has a long way to go, i personally just don't see them being able to catch ps4. in early 2015 ps4 will do gangbuster numbers because of the line of awesome exclusives

madmonkey012964d ago

ps3 was more expensive and outsold the 360 since launch too.

lsujester2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I'm mainly curious as to what happens come after the holidays, in regards to pricing and such.

MSBAUSTX2964d ago


Uh 360 came out almost a year earlier. So by time PS3 released 360 was already at almost 8 million consoles sold. PS3 may have cought up but it in no way lead in sales since launch because of the time difference. 360 had an 8 million console sales lead and maintained its lead for about 2 years, which is how long it took PS3 to catch up to its lead.

By the end of the cosole generation, still selling mind you, PS3 had sold 84.1 million and XB 360 has sold 83.9 million. That is barely a 200k difference between the two. Now the 360 did have a year more to make those sales but PS3 cought up. If you ask me, it would be ignorant to think that history, known to repeat itself, wont do the same this generation. We still have several years left and PS4 can not sell at the same rate it is right now forever.

If there is anything we have learned generation after generation, there is always two consoles that are about neck and neck each time. NES VS Sega, SNES VS Sega, N64 VS Sony, GC VS PS2 and XBOX with the latter two doing the best etc etc etc. Watch and see.

By the end of this gen all sales will level out between two systems. Not everyone that plays games is going to or keep buying a PS4 and eventually a large number of people who buy a PS4 will then buy an XB1 and vice versa, myself included.

Note the global sales numbers to date on the right side of the web page:

UKmilitia2964d ago

im a ps4 gamer and i love my ps4(dislikes accepted)

NOBODY can deny that the xb1 deals are outstanding,infact there mentally cheap in UK imo!!

its nice to see them selling but i question at waht cost and also while the sales are up for xb1 the gap is still the same between the 2 consoles.

but regardless of what sony or xbox fanboys spurt,mself personally wish MS all the wellwishes i can give because i want this generation to be the best for price,games and not be about gamers being fucked over by DLC and fanboy wars.

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Eonjay2965d ago

20 million is more likely than 18 million. It will pass 17 million next week and with 3 weeks to go after that. 20 million is imminent.

Wikkid6662965d ago

Wow... It's going over a millions units a week!

bleedsoe9mm2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

it would be a really great sign for the industry if they get both consoles too 8 digits before the calender year is over .

HarvestEnvious2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Hey guys, not to ruin your little fanboy party but Vgchartz isn't really ever accurate. N4g is one of the few sites that haven't banned Vgchartz for heavily inaccurate sales figures. The realtor of Vgchartz even admits that more often than not their stats are incorrect.

Notice why no one has really commented on this? No one takes Vgchartz seriously except fanboys that don't do their research. Last announcement from Sony was 13.5 million consoles shipped. Don't you think Sony would be happy to announce 16 million? So why announce 13 million shipped but not 16 million sold? Wake up guys, console war is a lot close than you think.

DarkAstronaut2965d ago

Yep. Worldwide the PS4 is going to be slightly over or slightly under 20 million. 2015 with a price cut sometime is going to a be crazy for the PS4 considering it's selling this much right now. It has quite a few games that will see big spikes in sales when they're released being niche or mainstream titles. Currently it's not far behind the aligned Wii numbers.

n4rc2965d ago

Lol.. Sorry.. But have to point this out..
.how the hell is it over a million a week when its clearly 700k in the headline..

And vgchartz... Lol

Eonjay2965d ago


Because it doesn't have to sell 1 million a week. There are 4 weeks left to go and 3.4 million to sell.
I am assuming here that like every other year, its top week will be the week before Christmas. It is a tall order but its safely within the realm of possibility. It will crush 18 million With the next two weeks.

ABizzel12965d ago

End of 2014

PS4: 19.2m
XBO: 11.5m
WiiU: 8.7m

n4rc2964d ago


Referring to the comment above mine.. "Wow its going over a million units a week"

Just struck me as funny when this entire article is about 700k for the week..

its_JEFF2964d ago

Wait... so you're saying the PS4 numbers a wrong, when it comes to VGchartz... but the Xbox One numbers are right?

GribbleGrunger2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )


Actually you are correct. VGC still has the PS4 undertracked by at least 200k. That's why many people (including me) believe 20m is possible.

lsujester2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I think 20 is a bit too much, that'd mean 1 million a week which I don't think will happen without some heavy deals continuing.

Also Harvest, that 13.5 million was at the end of September. That's two and a half months ago, including Black Friday.

EDIT: Initially had the wrong month.

MSBAUSTX2964d ago

I didnt know that the percentage drop in sales meant it would sell more consoles. Wow i must have missed that math class.

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Godz Kastro2965d ago

10 Million is nothing to scoff at.

troylazlow2964d ago

Nov and Dec are when retailers sell the most consoles and can make up a huge margin of yearly sale. If you are going to "win" a month in sales those are the ones to aim for.

XanderZane2965d ago

VGChartz numbers are way off. This is why no one uses their figures. The XBox 360 passed 84 million sold back in June at the E3. The XBox 360 is over 85 million sold worldwide by now.

No one knows what Sony's PS3 numbers truely are right now. XBox 360 was leading at the beginning of the year. Sony's last official PS3 sales numbers were 80 million back on Nov 2013. These VGChartz numbers are WRONG though. Sony Ps4 is probably about 6 million ahead of the XB1 and I think the XB1 is very close to surpassing 10 million if they haven't already. I'm sure M$ will announce it when it happens though. I honestly don't think the PS4 is over 16 million sold yet. They shipped 13.5 million in September.

The XBox One is only $50 cheaper then the PS4 and that's only in the U.S. and UK. In other European countries the PS4 is cheaper. The XB1/Kinect bundle is $450 in the U.S. and well over $500 overseas. So how is the PS4 cheaper? The XB1 did outsell the PS4 in the U.S. where it actually was cheaper then the PS4. Also, take VGChartz numbers with a grain of salt, as they aren't accurate.

Drekken2965d ago

PS3 is beating the 360 in sales for a long time now. Cut it out.

XanderZane2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

No they aren't. Sony won't announce their PS3 numbers because they know the Xbox 360 is still ahead of them. Stay in denial Drekken. That's why they kept combining their PS3, PS2 & PSVita numbers all the time. You all can disagree with me all you want. Even VGChartz has said their numbers aren't accurate. So you should at least believe the guys who run the site and post the numbers. We all know the PS4 is still leading overall in the U.S and the world. It's funny watching fanboys say this over and over again like they won the lotto or something. The PS4 is ahead by about 4-5 million units. They aren't going to hit 20 million by the end of the year. They are no where close to that. Most like 16-17 million by the end of the year. Sony said they shipped 13.5 million at the beginning of Nov 2014. While Microsoft said they shipped 10 million one day before Sony's announcement.

So you think Sony will sell 6.5 million PS4's in 2 months? I don't think so. 3-4 million maybe, but no way will they sell 6+ million. The XB1 sold 1.2 million just in the U.S. and probably another 500K-600K in Europe/UK. for November. Oohh.. and I told you guys not to trust those VGChartz numbers. they aren't at 16+ million sold. More likely they are close to hitting 15 million sold to consumers. Sony will announce it when they do. They shipped 13.5 million as of Nov 14th.

2963d ago
SilentNegotiator2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Bu...but the tides turned! Xbox outsold Ps4 for an entire week (in some regions but not WW) could this happen??!? /s

Pretty much to be expected.

gangsta_red2965d ago

A lot of us knew this, I mean it was only you and others who kept repeating the same thing over and over and over again.

But I'm glad these sales makes you happy.

+bubbs for you good sir.

MysticStrummer2964d ago

@gangsta - You must have missed the string of articles we got here about the tide turning in XB1's favor.

SilentNegotiator2964d ago

For starters, like MysticStrummer said, we had nonstop articles for about a week saying that the "tides had turned" I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about saying that I was repeating anything over and over, in regards to the topic at hand.

Second, yes, sales do make me happy. I have a Ps4 and the better the sales are (including as compared to the competition), the better the third party support and less likely I am to miss out on games (lots of devs can only afford to start on one system and have chosen Ps4....leaving Xbone and it's parity clause in the dust). I don't want or need multiple systems; I did last gen and just found that I didn't have the time or money to enjoy all of them fully. Cry about me being a fanboy all you want, but I'm perfectly content watching as Ps4 mops up the floor with the competition...we didn't need a tight race for the 6th gen to be good and we don't need it to be now.

Muzikguy2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

18 million should be no problem. Not bad for one year on the market I'd say! I'm glad to see home consoles doing so well in general

A little over one year

Gamer19822964d ago

WiiU can't even sell double the PS3/360 when theres no major game release.. I don't care what people say the console is struggling.. It has great first party games but it's not going to pick up this generation and it should be wrote off ASAP (I am saying that even as a WiiU owner). They need to concentrate on there strengths of there ips and handhelds.

troylazlow2964d ago

Two months ago the gap was 9 million...

El_Assenso2964d ago

How is the gap staying at 7 million for months when the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One by a margin of at least 200k worldwide each week according to VG Charts...? Something fishy going on here...

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DarkAstronaut2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

These numbers are completely irrelevant. But according to this the PS4 just extended the gap by 200k. That is half of the amount the Xbox One outsold the PS4 in US in November by, done in a week. That's pretty impressive.

Kurisu2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

MS have definitely had some good holiday sales but the PS4 is just in a league of its own at the moment.

Godz Kastro2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

League of its own would be like 25 Million to 9 Million. 6 Million is a lot but at the same time not really.

Reports say PS3 is around 80 Million and 360 85 Million. At that point a 5M lead is almost a non factor as both hit the stratosphere sales wise.

Buuuuut... Some people will go crazy as if the other side isnt enjoying success as well just because they are under a few Mil.

Hopefully both keep going strong because it wasnt that long ago that console gaming was in jeopardy period. So to see them both do well makes me happy!

Oh, and your cool to WiiU!!! Game on...

kayoss2965d ago

When have you ever seen two home consoles releasing at the same time and within a year one have almost 7 million consoles more than its competitor? To me its in a league of its own.

MysticStrummer2964d ago

@Godz Kastro - 360 released a year before PS3 and the gap between them wasn't much larger than PS4's lead over the simultaneously released XB1.

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nowitzki20042964d ago

Who knows, there might be aliens that have some PS4s.


DougLord2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Where are all the Sony fan Bois that said MSFT was full of it when they said they would sell 10mm u its "Soon". MSFT might crack 11 million in its 1st year. That will be 3 million more then 360.

shodai2965d ago

Microsoft might have a chance to crack that 10 million mark, but the PS4 is taking a crack at that 20 million mark.

metatronx2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

lol is xbox1 that desperate to compared its sales with last gen? Why not compare it to ps4?

Rimeskeem2965d ago

The first year ended last month.

CernaML2965d ago

lmao Silly fanboys like DougLord really need to learn how to count.

MysticStrummer2964d ago

@Cerna - You may have something there. All this time I thought "PS4 has no games" was simple trolling, but horrible math skills may be the culprit after all.

XanderZane2965d ago

They will beat the XBox 360 sales numbers, that's for sure. The PS4 is probably just reaching 16 million. They are no where near 20 million sold and have no chance of beating the Wii U's 20.1 million sold from launch to the end of their first year on the market. Their numbers are still very impressive considering their price.

***************************** ************************

Prove it. The last official sales number from Sony was 80 million back on Nov 2013. Microsoft reached that same 80 million sold mark a month earlier on Oct 2013. The XBox 360 was leading worldwide. At the E3 on June 9 Microsoft reached 84 million sold. Everyone waited patiently for Sony to announce their PS3 sales, yet they didn't announce any PS3 figures. Why is that? Maybe because they were still behind the XBox 360 in sales. Officially, they are still in 2nd place by the numbers we have received from Sony and Microsoft. I don't see how you can prove otherwise. VGChartz had the numbers completely wrong when Microsoft and Sony announced their 80 million totals. lol!!

metatronx2965d ago

lol wtf did I just read? PS4 alreadu surpassed 16 mil and heading toward 18 by the end of this year. And when did Wii U reach 20 mil sales?

2963d ago
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