Hatred 'doesn't encourage' mass killings in real life, defends developer

GameZone: "Among traditional media outlets (read: non-gaming new coverage), there's the belief that video games could be responsible, or at least play a factor, in the psychopathic tendencies that tend to drive mass murderers. We've seen it in the past with things tragic events like Columbine or the Navy Yard shootings. Despite numerous studies conducted there's been no clear answer as to whether or not there is a correlation between violence in real life being caused by violent video games. Still, every time we see a violent video game, the question comes up."

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JohnathanACE2029d ago

Hatred encourages mass shootings like Gran Turismo encourages me to become a professional driver. Basically it doesn't at all.

creatchee2029d ago

Guitar Hero encouraged me to learn guitar. Just saying.

achmetha2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

i'm just waiting for the assault rifle & combat knife peripherals the Hatred developers promised.

wait a second....

xHeavYx2029d ago

I remember playing Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 with my mom. So far I haven't ripped off anyone's spine.

Highlife2029d ago

Rock band made me want to play guitar rock Smith taught me how to play.

garos822029d ago

and Resogun encouraged me to save all the humans. so i guess it balances out

creatchee2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Exactly lol

My point was that saying Hatred encourages mass shootings is as foolish as saying that video games categorically do not serve as an impetus for us to try related activities out in real life.

Mulletino2029d ago

I drive a little crazier after an afternoon of racing games.

ThatOneGuyThere2029d ago

thats a terrible analogy as gran turismo does in fact turn people into race car drivers...

CorndogBurglar2029d ago

Hiw many racecar drivers have you ever heard of that got their start in Gran Tourismo?

PoSTedUP2029d ago

yup. it encourages it, and has turned people ito real racecar drivers single handedly.

LeCreuset2029d ago

That analogy is good for pointing out the difference between arcade type games and games that serve as simulators.

Hatred is a mass killing simulator that attempts to give you a faithful recreation of being one of the notorious figures that infamously make it into the headlines. That's the real issue being ignored, above even the violence. There have been more violent games, but, as the dev's comments allude to, Hatred differs from them in the context of how they present that violence. I said before, comparing Hatred to games like GTA is like comparing the NBA 2K series to NBA Jam.

Presentation matters. Just because a certain Game of the Year contender dealt with pedophilia doesn't make hypocrites of any of us that would criticize a game in which players take the role of a pedophile lurking around schools and parks in the lead-up to the disturbing act. There are disturbed individuals who get off on writing pedophile fantasies for like minded individuals. Do they have that right? Yes. Are fans of novels calling for publishers to give them a platform or accusing their critics of hypocrisy, because, "Well, you watched Changeling (or some other movie involving pedophilia) and didn't have a problem with it"? No.

These guys are going to make their buck off of shock-value and leave gamers to deal with the blow-back. It saddens me that so many are ready to assist them. They may have the right, but I'm not about to champion what they're doing.

ThatOneGuyThere2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

yeah. i can see where you're coming from. i have a feeling theres more to this game than the developer is telling us. theres a message to it. im interested to see the game come out and find out what that is. i could totally be wrong, and thats fine, ill accept that when it happens.

what about when you're playing as trevor phillips and you do a killing spree? whats the moral benefit there? you're literally playing as a methed out and arguably racist psychopath who enjoys killing for the fun of it.

P.S. I appreciate the level-headed discussion.

LeCreuset2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

There is no moral benefit to Trevor. Not all games have a moral benefit. Some games are violent, even more so than Hatred. But Trevor is an absurd creation in an absurd world engaging in absurd actions that are not a realistic reflection of the world. The people in GTA aren't even a realistic reflection of the world. They're caricatures. The experience of playing GTA is not meant to reflect a realistic experience. Hatred is. What's worse is that it replicates and immortalizes the experience of a kind of criminal who is spurred on by the immortalization of his crimes.

Update: Just to back up that last point, I'm going to quote from the study the FBI conducted on this very type of criminal:

"F.B.I. analysts said that many of the gunmen had studied high-profile shootings, like the one at Columbine High School in Colorado in 1999, before going on their own killing sprees.

"The analysts said the gunmen had been attracted to the attention that mass killers received. They were often motivated by a sense that they had no other way to resolve the issues they faced other than violently lashing out, the analysts said."

LordMaim2029d ago

Driving a car isn't illegal or immoral, and if done properly does not result in the loss of human life.

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u4one2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

you know that, and I know that, and probably everyone commenting on this page knows that, but all the moms, and gun nuts and politicians looking to defend their own interests are looking for something to point the finger at. This game is the golden egg for them. This is going to be plastered all over gun rights media and all things related. is it right? no. but people en masse don't understand the game culture like we do. this is like rock music in the 60s and 70s convincing people to worship satan and kill people. this is the 21st century version of rock music.

rdgneoz32029d ago

"but all the moms, and gun nuts and politicians looking to defend their own interests are looking for something to point the finger at."

Yep, because it's soo hard for parents to take a little responsibility and make sure their kids are not getting into things they shouldn't. As for gun nuts and such... while you have a right to bare arms, you don't need an assault riffle with 100 round magazine to defend yourself or kill a deer (NRA says the AR 15 is for hunting...).

MasterCornholio2029d ago

Team Fortress 2 made me love sandwiches more.

Well I'm getting another sandwich craving be right back.

torchic2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

that maybe the case, but we all know what's going to happen.

some kid will shoot up a school and it will inevitably be found that said kid played this game extensively. not saying the game will have encouraged him/her but the mainstream media will make the link and due to the degree of violence in Hatred, they will run harder than ever with it

it's kind of like in football (soccer) when a player puts his head on the head of an opponent, as if to headbutt but not actually headbutting. referee gives the first player a red card and while it's harsh, everyone will say "don't give the referee a decision to make. you should not have put your head on his"

it's hard enough trying to convince governments and the media that video games aren't harmful, so we don't need games like this providing ammunition to Fox News and their other mainstream friends. don't make it easier for them

Angeljuice2029d ago

The original Gran Turismo saved my life (or at least prevented a serious accident).

I was driving a friends wreck of a car (with bald tyres and one working brake), when there was a sudden downpour. I took a corner slightly too fast and started sliding sideways towards a high stone wall at quite a pace.

Despite being a relatively inexperienced driver at the time, I didn't panic at all and controlled the slide perfectly by steering into the skid and using engine breaking (missing the wall by an inch or two).

The only previous experience of such situations was playing driving sims (mostly GT), which taught me the skills required to make the corner.

Whilst I would in no way suggest that video games encourage violence, they can and do have an effect on real-life decision making and the honing of skills (although in my experience this has been wholly positive).

JimmyDM902029d ago

i HAVE started killing a lot more orcs in real life since I started playing Shadow of Mordor.

MegaRay2029d ago

Rayman encouraged me to be lazy

NuggetsOfGod2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Are u assuming everyone has sanity?

It encourages unknown crazy people potentially. Like the news who glorify the killer this game glorifies the act of mass murder.

Does it not.

Its not the majority of people who should look at just the minority who do major damage.

I will not tell people not to buy it.
But I will not support it.

Its IMO a uncreative attention whore of a cash grab from some Devs who know a game like this stands out.

You cannot tell me a game designers big creative idea is a simple mass murder and the Deva are passionate about simple mass murder game.

There is a lil psycho in all of us.

If GTA allowed us to beat people up but not kill them there would be an outcry I garantee you.

If the news showed only good news i bet the ratings would go down.
We all are crazy but not enough to kill.

Gamers simple cannot live without having atleast some games that let you kill lol

OhReginald2029d ago

haha bad analogy. Gran Turismo DOES in fact encourage people to become real race car drivers.

purpleblau2029d ago

No one needs this game. It's superfluous out there. There are plenty of games.

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Hellsvacancy2029d ago

I hope the developers add some kind of "complete the game without killing anyone" mode, that would be funny, at the end of the game the dude is converted "hay I love these people, cuddles and flowers for everyone"

Concertoine2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Thats like how in Postal 2 the real challenge was completing the game without killing anyone.

Dravidian2029d ago

Some games actually do that. Dishonored was one.

Hellsvacancy2029d ago

I know, that's why it would be cool if these devs did it

NuggetsOfGod2029d ago

Non violence achievement?

ritsuka6662029d ago

Hatred 'doesn't encourage' mass killings in real life'''

Of course not...It's just another example of idiots lacking the ability to separate reality from fiction

chrissx2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

If video games encourages real life killings we would all be killers by now

sungam3d2029d ago

Hey man!
I would totally be a hardcore killer!

But I really can not be bothered going outside and guns don't have xbox 360 controller support or auto aim.

Whats with that?


SaveFerris2029d ago

I keep reading the title of the game as 'Hat Red' after seeing it so many times.

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