Game Vortex reviews Warlords

Matt Hanchey writes:

''Warlords on Xbox Live Arcade is a relic of gaming history. Part classic port and part updated "evolution" of the original, Warlords is a very tough sell to any modern gamer. The brutal difficulty alone is enough to turn anyone off to this aged game.

Visually, the original game is as bare bones as you can imagine. Each corner of the screen is surrounded by corresponding colors to protect a king. There are plenty of colored blocks and bouncing balls, and really there isn't much else to be expected. The evolved version definitely fares better in the graphics department. Unfortunately, it is only marginally better than last-gen counterparts. It is easy to visualize this game as an original Xbox launch title packaged in with a full purchase of another game. There are bright colors and smooth framerates to keep up with the frantic, fast-paced action. Particle effects are used frequently and on the higher difficulties, it can seem almost seizure-inducing in its abundance.''

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