I love violent video games, but you'll never catch me playing Hatred

Alex White of The Independent writes "I love violent video games. I’ve played all of the GTAs, most of the Modern Warfares, and more than a few hack n’ slash RPGs. I’ve never been bothered by blood and guts. But when it comes to the boundaries of good taste and quality, there's a line.
Originally, I thought it was a joke. That the release of Hatred by Destructive Creations was a joke. If only."

"So, as you might expect, when Steam decided to pull the game, I thought, “Good for them. They shouldn’t have to sell this crap.” The backlash was instantaneous. “They’re demolishing our freedom of speech!” said the fans; “It’s a conspiracy!” They demanded that Steam return the game to Greenlight post haste."

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Dewitt2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

There is no point to this game, but just murder innocent NPCs for no reason. Is there a story? Is there a reason besides anger for doing this? Is there a silver lining or moral at any point of the game? This game just seems like the perfect game to convince lobbyist to attack the gaming community and I just see no good coming from it.

SaveFerris2028d ago

Without a goal at the end it would get boring real fast. There will be only so many animated executions etc. and it would get repetitive.

Although some gamers may not mind that.

Stiffler2027d ago

I dunno man. Just as I bought State of Emergency back on OG Xbox, I along with a few of my mates will be getting Hatred as soon as it's gone gold.

Games don't need to have a point or an outlined linear objective...Some people (not necessarily everyone) like random content. What makes games good is they mostly differ from each other and provide different types of content for everybody.

Time will tell but as you've probably seen, Hatred already has a LARGE fanbase and it isn't even out yet.

gangsta_red2027d ago

"Despite all the hype now surrounding the game, there are no major gameplay innovations here. What's more, the graphics look awful — "

And this is my biggest problem with the game. The fact that it's nothing new, exciting, or even interesting, just steam rolling hard off of controversy alone.

People are abusing the "freedom of speech" angle more than actually looking at how poor this game really is. As I said before the developers are laughing in the back room, popping champagne bottles while their spokesperson rallies the "fans" to cry about freedoms being taken away.

In my opinion a game like this will only hurt how the gaming industry is viewed and this game is doing nothing for the community, and to say this is art? Just stop.

kassler2027d ago

I am not going to play this game. It looks like it will be boring really fast. They sure got a lot of attention and free advertising. It's all about shocking people to get attention to their mediocre game.

e-p-ayeaH2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

ill play for curiosity it doesnt look very promissing but the dark toned violence is interesting but i dont see much else from that.

noir themed games were always very interesting to me.