Rumored Street Fighter V details: roster size, stage effects, story mode and more

New rumors regarding the Street Fighter V roster size, stage effects, story mode and more have popped up.

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Der_Kommandant2033d ago

Limited to 16???

Let the rage begin

CorndogBurglar2033d ago

16 isn't all that bad.

March of 2016? Thats a long wait.

Cueil2033d ago

Super Street Fighter V will have 24 and Super Street Fighter V Alpha will have 32...both games will be on every system they can get them stuffed on

gangsta_red2033d ago

16 is really not that bad, I think the first SF4 only had 16 playable characters.

And c'mon...this is you know by Super Ultra Mega Alpha Beta edition the roster will definitely increase ... through paid DLC that is.

3-4-52033d ago

So it's going to take $100 to get the same amount of characters as in SF4 ?

And that is intelligent how ?

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No_Limit2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

16 fighters at launch for $ thanks, I'll just wait for the inevitable Ultra edition with 32 fighters in 2017 for a reduced price. mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct will satisfy my fighters crave just fine in the meantime.

Fool me once, shame on you..fool me twice, shame on me.

Inception2033d ago

You complaint about SF V having 16 character playable at launch but choose a F2P like Killer Instinct whee they gave you only one character to play and the rest you must buy? Not to mention KI only have 12 playable character and 4 more coming as DLC. Lol yeah i completely understand your logic here /S

Sitdown2033d ago

How much does it cost to play with that one character that rotates? Now how much to play 1 of the 16 characters in Street Fighter V? And when will you be playing Street Fighter V? Your logic might be just as bad as the person you responded too.

Inception2033d ago

Wow so you support a F2P where you can only play one character while the rest you MUST buy, rather than a $60 retail with all 16 playable character + mode unlock from the beginning, which you can sell the copy again if you don't like the game? Lol more power to your logic than.

"And when will you be playing Street Fighter V?"

2016? Until than i got Guilty Gear Xrd and other games to play. It's better rather than just playing one character to death even it's "free".

No_Limit2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )


Pal, you are making no sense. The difference between KI model and the SF model is in its distribution. The KI model comes with 8-9 fighters per season and it sell for $20 bucks but you will never have to rebuy a new version for $40 everytime there are gameplay balance change and adding a few new fighters. So you get 8-9 fighters per season so 24-27 for the entire 3 seasons and just anothwr $20 for any additional season MS decides to release. On SF, you have to shell out the full $60 for 16 fighters but when gameplay balance, new features, and a few new fighters are introduced, why do we gamers have to buy a Super, Mega, and Ultra edition for almost a few additional full price to get the final package with everthing? Even Games like MK and Injustice, the developer gives you the option of just buying additional contents without having to shell out $40 to get a new disc to have it.

If you guys keep accepting to get rip off, then Capcom will continue to keep doing what you guys are willing to pay. Me, I am not going down that route anymore.

GTgamer2033d ago

Guilty Gear Xrd has 17 chatcters and that includes the DLC Characters and does that stop it from being a good A** Fighting Game hellllllllllllllll No (•ิ_•ิ) so stop the BS and get ya life.

Brazz2033d ago

Guilty gears is just sweet, played in the house of a friend whit a bunch of kids starting fighting games! the thing becameespecil when one of the little dudes did the first vulcanic viper, so many memorys! T.T

Brazz2033d ago

dude... for real... compare KL to SFV? ok, here we go...

first, if ya are not on fighting game, than stop reading and don't talk like ya know something about fighting games...

two, come... KL is a good and solid game, but comparing KL to SFIV Ultimate and SFV is just bogus, SF is a séries that is the lead fighting game in the market, KL is just a fun dude... about MKX, yeah, going to play this one on my PS4 and Guilty gears Xrd ( another fighting a Ps4 exclusive, way better than KL, if it matters to you...)

I a guy on Ps4 side, for the time, and i need to say that Ps4 just destroyed X1 on fighting games, whit SF and Guilty Gears as exclusives, it's just a fact, stop arguing...

to prove good fainth i will say this... SFIV ultimate and SFV vs KL is just like Halo ( big halo fan here! getting X1 in the long run if 343i make good halo games) vs killzone. Halo destroys killzone the same way SF pulverizes KL.

medman2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Did this guy no_limit just say 2017? Geez....good luck with that.

mediate-this2032d ago

Yeah and killer instinct has 14 fighters cou ting riptor

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Inception2033d ago it including boss or not?

But if the rumour is true than SF V have 4 more playable character than the 1st SF III. I don't mind though. As long as they make those character unique than i'm happy.

Also the time and weather effect + V-trigger to change fighting stance sounds great.

josephayal2033d ago

Nice Read, i hope a version will come to xbox in the future

GamingChip792033d ago

Hmm. Never been huge into fighting games, but maybe I'll give this one a go when it hits stores.

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