Game Vortex reviews Trauma Center:Under the Knife 2 (95/100)

Ricky Tucker reports:

''Even after mentioning it in my review of LifeSigns almost a year ago, I'm still surprised that there haven't been more copycat versions of Trauma Center. The game still ranks as one of the more unique uses for the DS's tech, and considering some of the highest rated shows on TV are medical dramas, you figure some publisher would follow the money trail.

At first glance, Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 doesn't look much different than the first game. The slightly abstracted version of the human anatomy has been cleaned up and features upgrades like a new lighting engine and sharper effects. Surgical tools are still laid out along the left and right sides of the screen; though with a noticeably slicker, "high tech" look that brings the DS game more in line with the Wii version. The top screen features a revolving cast of backseat surgeons who help you out during the operations. All of the returning characters have been updated with more expressions and clearer portraits.''

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