Miyamoto: We Are Working On Ideas For The Next Nintendo System

Speaking to The Associated Press, Miyamoto said:

"We're focused on providing a robust line-up of Wii U software for next year. It seems like we've managed to do that this year and people are very happy with what we've done on Wii U. For the time being, our focus is on the Wii U hardware, but Nintendo as a whole has groups working on ideas for new hardware systems. While we're busy working on software for the Wii U, we have production lines that are working on ideas for what the next system might be."

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wonderfulmonkeyman2033d ago

There you have it, people. Straight from the horse's mouth; there's going to be another generation of consoles, at least as far as Nintendo is concerned.

None of this "we're on the last gen" bullcrap that people like Rich from ReviewtechUSA think.

DragoonsScaleLegends2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

People with expensive PC's are the only ones who think PC will magically become the go to for the average gaming consumer and I don't think that will ever happen.

MrSec842033d ago

That will never happen, while PCs are always going to have their place, at least until the cloud becomes a real thing (by which I mean runs without latency issues), if hardware in the home still has any kind of place then there's always going to be a market for a games console.

People have become accustom to having that box, which they use to access their games, they always consider Sony or Nintendo as the go to places for that, so those two companies will always make consoles for the home, provided the platforms can be profitable.

Maybe if Microsoft actually focuses on gaming first in the 9th gen people will have some faith in them.

It's pretty clear there will always be a place in the home for a console though, it's been the case for decades and there's no reason for it to change yet.

zeal0us2033d ago

Consoles are a easier choice for the average consumer than PC's.

Also Nintendo need to approach more developers before making a new console like Sony did with the PS4. If not then what happen with the WiiU during previous years will repeat itself.

breakpad2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

the best idea for nintendo is no next system ..just release their games on Playstation

MeliMel2033d ago

@ MrSec,

I guess we can forget the millions of consumers who consider Xbox the go to console for them.

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Chrischi19882033d ago

As long as there is not high speed internet available all around the world, there will be consoles, there is no reason, for consoles to lose its value as a gaming maschine. I get the whole streaming over the cloud thing, but we are still tooo far away from that. Yes, it could be done in major cities, but that is only a small part and devs have showed often enough, that they dont like to divide their work onto too many systems.

NuggetsOfGod2033d ago

What I love about ninety is the respect performance over graphics.

WiiU and PC are the only real 60fps platforms around.

If Nintendo Learns from this gen and makes next Wii a lil closer to ps5 performance then I am very interested .

They need to use x86 and give away a lot of dev kits.

MeliMel2033d ago

Lol.. im pretty sure PS4 and Xbox One can run Wii U games at 1080p/60fps.

ColonelRex2033d ago

Rich from ReviewtechUSA? You should know better than to listen to that moron.

randomass1712033d ago

Rich of RTUSA is the anti-journalist. He lives for his clicks. No seriously, his YouTube views are his income. :U As a gamer who likes Sony and more recently Nintendo, the heck with Rich. He just spews a lot of hyperbole for views.

gangsta_red2033d ago

We will have another gen of consoles...just might not be physical consoles we'll have.

Even Sony doesn't know for sure judging by the latest article here on N4G.

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PoSTedUP2033d ago

let me come there and give you guys advice.

wonderfulmonkeyman2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

If it's to the tune of focusing on graphics in design no matter how high up that jacks the price of the console, getting rid of the game pad to take a step backwards in innovation when it's easier to just pack in a traditional one alongside the game pad, or making their system a pay-to-play-online clone of the other two systems to appease the third parties that have basically FLIPPED NINTENDO THE BIRD FOR 3 GENERATIONS RUNNING WITH THEIR MULTIPLATS, then please...
Don't offer any advice.

If it's not any of those things, though, then we're all ears, because Nintendo does have some areas they could improve upon.

Like their lack-luster advertisement efforts.

And probably their naming sense for their consoles.[The Wii name should have been a one-gen gig. It isn't killing the console now that great games are out, but it certainly didn't help make advertising it clearly any easier...]

PoSTedUP2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

nintendo has been flipping the bird to third parties for the longest time. they deserve the little support they are getting from them with their consoles. the game pad is a cool idea, but holding that thing... geezs, like gaming with an easy bake oven. plus, its not really appealing to most consumers. innovative is being able to play remote play with ps4 and vita from anywhere in the world (or something like that).

their advertising, ho ho ho. thats an easy one, if they didnt spend so much on the Wii.... man we saw that thing everywhere. their attachment rate was like zero, so much money spent on a gimmick that set them back a generation.

they need a better online. they need up to date hardware. they need a real controller, they need to get third partys on their side, they need to think long term (they are about to [probably] shovel out a third gimmick in hopes that it will stick. its giving a big Fyew to the hardcore gamer). they need to get with the times. they need to stop thinking they can do this all on their own. they need to spend money to make money, mario and zeldas allowance money isnt going to keep their consoles thriving. they coulda had a sick Metroid Prime game with Online to rival Halo by now, i said this early last gen. gah they just piss me off, i wanna love them, but the problem is that they dont really care for the criticism, so the hardcore gamer (you know, the ones buying up the ps4 and xbox one, and that have bought up every nintendo console up untill the wii) isnt going to support them. their situation is exactly the same as capcoms: stray away from your fanbase to make a quick buck (RE5-RE6);(wii-wiiU) and you are gonna be in a tight spot. news flash nintendo : were all grown up now!

they really need to think this through, the PS4 is so strong right now and is in place to dominate that nintendo really needs a perfect execution (timing, quality, the works) to make a half way decent comeback.

i dont have a defined solution but i have commonsense, this isnt not going to be anyhing short of extremely hard for nintendo to get back in the game.

Mr Pumblechook2033d ago

* Nintendo games that will work on a handheld version and home version of the console.

* The Nintendo equivalent of trophies - lets call them Nintendo Stars.

* A robust online network where adults can talk to others in-game.

* It doesn't have to be the most powerful on the market- but powerful enough to run third-party games.

* No gimmicks.

-Foxtrot2033d ago

"The Nintendo equivalent of trophies - lets call them Nintendo Stars"

Well they could just continue with Nintendo Stamps...that seemed like a good system.

DarXyde2033d ago

The first idea isn't really that good of one. It was sort of tried before and it didn't work out for the Sega Nomad and I doubt it'll work now.

Nintendo's equivalent to an achievement system would be cool, but Nintendo strives to be different. They might, they might not.

"Powerful enough to run third party games"... no. The fact that Watch_Dogs came out on PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, and XBOX One while skipping Wii U until recently says otherwise. Furthermore, despite starting on Nintendo's platform, Revelations 2 is skipping both 3DS and Wii U but will be on Vita and last-gen consoles. It's powerful enough and game development for the platform hasn't been treated as "difficult". They'll put in the time to work with PS3's asymmetrical CELL architecture, but not something more approachable like Nintendo's platforms? It's got the power and development seems straightforward enough.

And I think we have fundamental differences of what we consider a "gimmick". That's okay, differences make the world go 'round. Nintendo actually builds a lot of their games around the consoles' added functions and sticks with it. I notice a lot of third parties don't like to take advantage of these things and Wii U lacks a lot of third party support. Then, you've got Kinect and PlayStation Move/Wonderbook/PS Eye/Light Bar/Touch Pad. Despite the steep investments in the technology, no one's really treating them as an integral part of the experience. Tell me, how may games mandate the use of any of those? The Light Bar can't be turned off, but it's only used inventively sometimes. Most of the time it stays one color and doesn't offer much. Now Nintendo's vitality sensor? That I'll say is a gimmick, but not the Game Pad or Wii remotes. If you ask me, it's only a gimmick if you don't stick to your guns and really find ways to make great use of it. The Light Bar and Touch Pad I can excuse to a point because they are in every controller, but unless they're being used frequently in ways that are at least somewhat novel, I just don't see the appeal. bringing up a map and indicating player number don't count.

zero_gamer2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Nah, butt out and let someone in the industry do that. Nintendo doesn't need some random N4G fanboy's advice.

PoSTedUP2033d ago

aw... b-b-but i can, can, can, wahhhh *cries*

wonderfulmonkeyman2032d ago

Just FYU, the attach rate for the Wii is like 10 games or so per owner.
And Remote Play isn't that innovative when latency issues and the $200+ price tag of a whole second console just to use the function ruin its potential.

Nintendo stopped flipping the bird to third parties during the GC era. It's why they still had a few decent games come to it from them, but support dried up almost immediately afterwards in regards to multiplats.
The feud has gone on way too long; Nintendo gamers don't deserve to suffer from the mistakes made on both sides. Third parties need to get their ass in gear now that Nintendo is expressing interest in working together with them.
Until third parties get it through their head that their multiplats aren't going to cut it on the Wii U, due to the way they've presented them to the userbase, and start working on exclusives designed to draw in all kinds of gamers, especially core gamers, Nintendo has literally NO CHOICE but to do things on their own.
Third parties are forcing that choice on them by not making great games for the system and only providing gimped ports, or avoiding the system altogether.

Oh, and just so you're aware; the Wii U is currently the one system out of the three with the least amount of casuals.
They've all flocked to the other two systems, and to phone games.
That's why its sales went so low after the Wii, and why Sony made the statement that they want to be the ones that draw in the former Wii fanbase.
So, yeah, the Wii U is being supported mostly by core gamers right now.

PoSTedUP2032d ago

my comment got deleted bc i turned cookies off on accident.

im talking wii to WiiU attach rate.

innovation has nothing to do with price or quality. and innovative idea/concept is an innovative idea/concept.

dev arent gonna help nintendo, nintendo has to help themselves b4 third parties even consider nintendo. thats how it works. im interested in a lot of things, no ones gonna jepordize their business to come and hold my hand or support me.

wiiU lacks casuals.. WiiU lacks a lot of things bc nintendo dropped the ball, they made a lot of mistakes, the name being on of them.

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AnimeFreak0132033d ago

Glad to hear that Nintendo is making a new console but.... please Nintendo make a gaming console that is very powerful and has really good specs on the system not that motion or controler tablet crap. I love star fox series the legend of Zelda and many more iconic Nintendo games but those alone is not enough for people these days to only want to play on a Nintendo system or heck own one. Wii u is in my opinion a failure of a system but the exclusives games are some of my favorite of this year and petty much the best ones of the 2014 like bayenetta 2 Mario kart 8 and super smash Bros 4.

wonderfulmonkeyman2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

That "controller tablet crap" outshines a traditional pad in every way except convenience-through-size.

Anything they can do, it can do better.
If it's used right.
And there aren't many games where it's used horribly wrong.

Other than that, yeah, better specs would be nice. They don't need to be the most powerful on the market[because let's face it, $250 is a damned good price for the titles hitting the system they've got now. Well worth it], but having specs capable of handling literally any game third parties want to make would kill a lot of complaints.
No guarantee the games would sell due to lack of trust in multiplats on Nintendo's systems for 3 gens running, but the fact that it'd be able to handle the more realistic-looking ones would be a boon.

Concertoine2033d ago

Except the fingerprint magnet gloss finish, battery life, and pack of analog triggers even though the GC had them.

Although the DS4 isn't much better in battery life either.

randomass1712033d ago

I disagree a little there. I like the gamepad, don't get me wrong and I think people don't give it a fair chance but I wouldn't say it outshines the old gamepad. I kind of wish the controller layout was a little different since I'm so used to Dualshock. It's kind of hard for me to adjust and Concertoine is also right about the gloss issue. Glossy controllers are blegh... otherwise I agree with wonderfulmonkey.

eightiesbaby2033d ago

As long as REAL gamers are around... you know, the type that focus on quality games and gameplay instead of sales and whether a game is 720p or 1080p.
As long as they are still around so will Nintendo.

Respect to all the Real gamers out there who think for themselves and don't follow hype like mindless sheep.

KaladinStormblessed2033d ago

Only focusing on making games on WiiU for 2015? What about 2016?

Summons752033d ago

How about 2015 right now because 2016 is more than a year away

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