Magicka 2 Targeting 1080p On PS4, Developer Says 'Life Starts At 1080p'

It's looking gorgeous on the PS4 according to Associate Producer Peter Cornelius.

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bananaboats2031d ago

lol "life starts at 1080p"

all those years wasted and I just recently started my life.

If the Dev really said that then it just shows how twisted this gen is becoming where dev are more worried about 1080p than giving us a fun experience, not saying this game wont be fun, but I'd rather hear him say "We're striving to make the best/most engaging experience in a game"

GamerGT2030d ago

I get your point but it may also sound like avoiding the question. Honesty for once would be nice though.

OB1Biker2030d ago

Congratulation you completely swallowed gaminbot bait

bananaboats2030d ago

I never clicked on the article so they get no clicks from me

bennissimo2031d ago

What a douche. For any real gamer, life starts at a good game, regardless of resolution.

Killzone was pretty, but look how crappy of a game it ended up being.

Emrage2031d ago

Killzone multiplayer is fun imo.

GamerGT2030d ago

You know, i played the game, I beat it. I'm fairly certain I played it on super duper hard mode, but I remember very little of the story. Might have to download all the DLC and run through it again on easy mode.

Ripsta7th2030d ago

Killzone is so much better after the update, when it released it was like empty and you had no reason to keep playing. Now they haved a scoredboard, Valor points, Clans!! And also removed the motion blur
8/10 now

Palitera2031d ago

Congrats for all the gaming communities across the world/internet, for making sure the devs know we care more about resolution than about gameplay features and performance.

Yay to us all! We rule!

Graphics > anything else, according to ourselves as a whole.

Mikefizzled2031d ago

Its sound purposefully provocative in an attempt to drum up some PR around his game.

Angeljuice2030d ago

It sounds like a flippant, "humorous" (in his mind at least), benign remark that people are taking way too seriously.

uth112030d ago

No, it sounds like a Gaming bolt article. They always ask devs about 1080p and ps4 v xb1 and then make their response the headline...

DJustinUNCHAIND2031d ago

Well, that guarantees me not buying his game.

If 1080p is his focus, then saving money will be mine.

Mikefizzled2030d ago

Releases free with Playstation Plus; catch 22.

DigitalRaptor2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

Yeah, because if you've seen the kind of games this dev makes, you'll know that 1080p would be a baseline standard. Their games aren't visually demanding, so 1080p is a given.

And you obviously haven't played Magicka before.

GearSkiN2030d ago

It's magica I hope it Atleast gets 1080.

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