Predators use gaming consoles to 'get foot in the door'

Sexual predators are using gaming consoles such as the Wii, PlayStation and Xbox to meet children online.

"Child predators are migrating from traditional methods to alternate media," says Detective Lt. Thomas Kish of the Michigan State Police. "They are going to places where children are."

Predators view games that allow kids to access the Internet and text message other players as a "foot in the door," he says.

Parents may not realize that gaming consoles have become Internet devices or that savvy kids can bypass parental controls, says Marc Rogers, director of Purdue University's Cyber Forensics Lab.

Police who have been doing stings in Internet chat rooms for years now are going undercover to catch predators playing interactive games, ranging from Grand Theft Auto to old-fashioned chess and checkers. They're making arrests.

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ParadoxicalAssassin3765d ago

the title almost mislead me there "put foot in the ..." . Anyways, good reminder to those parents/kids out there.

MAiKU3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

With all the features left in the ps3, it is easy enough for the parent to moderate the child while the child is in play with the ps3, that is if the so called parent isn't lazy enough to find out what those are and are willing to do it. Sometimes it's easier than using the friggen V-Chip on a tv set.

IT says for all online games, "rating may change do to online activity."

Parents have no one to blame but themselves if the child is doing something wrong.

Rhezin3764d ago

I'd really love to see pedophiles die slowly.