Female characters are disadvantaged in Age of Conan

Funcom admits that female characters do less damage in Age of Conan. According to Funcom's game designer Svein Erik Jenset, this is because of the different animations. Funcom is already working on the problem but it will take some time to adjust all of 1,000 animations that have to be altered.

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AllseeingEye3764d ago

I was hit by a girl once and it didnt hurt too much so its understandable. jk.

JsonHenry3764d ago

So they made the game even more realistic than I thought!

Seriously though- we ALL KNOW women are (naturally) weaker upper body than men. But lean muscle pound for lean muscle pound, women are stronger than men. We just tend to have more muscle.

Just the facts guys.

The END3764d ago

just like in real life....

*slowly putting helmet on*

zagibu3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

@ JsonHenry: This is wrong. An untrained man is physically more capable, even if he is compared against an untrained woman with the same muscle weight. This is because females earlier start to burn fat.
However, this difference vanishes with increasing training levels. At an athletic level, the gender difference is nonexistant.

LJWooly3764d ago

So? Does it not make perfect sense? I can understand why some people are annoyed by it, but come on. On the bright side, this should just encourage most of the weirdos who enjoy masquerading as females to pick their real gender.

Lotto3764d ago

So female players that pick their real gender should be disadvantaged because they are female? and you think thats right?

Arduen3764d ago

No, but I do think it would be cool if they gave female characters some other buff--attack faster, dodge more, more intelligent--something like that. Of course, I think it would be best to have something like this optional to the player, but I'm not against a little variety in the gameplay. Makes things more interesting.

That does something like this even get implemented into the game? Shouldn't this have been caught long ago?

thewhoopimen3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Short answer, physically, yes. Long answer, women should get advantages in being able to have more spells or more magical abilities. Things wehre women standout... flexibility, endurance, caregiving, emotional IQ,multi-tasking. Of course if we go that route, once a month women should get a huge penalty for 3 days, but can play dead.

....seriously what is with political correctness these days? It's all about perpetrating more lies... something we tried to get away from with equality from stereotypical sexism? Women should generally be weaker physically but gain other vantages. period. There is nothing wrong with this thinking and we need to accept reality for what it is. How does emotional IQ play into a fantasy role playing game? What about the objectification of women in these games? I would think that's a bigger issue than swing dmg. Don't women hate being Conan's scantily clad bIItch?

Spike473764d ago

the game more realistic. I mean do female gamers really expect to decapitate a buffed up barbarian with some weak spells or theur little crossbow?

Mr Fancy Pants3764d ago

boys are stronger but girls are smarter... that's my thinking.

thewhoopimen3764d ago

Statistically it does work that way, with more women found over the median range, but men have the advantage when it comes to the extremes of the curve. Ie, tons of stupid boneheads, but a larger pool of high-end geniuses.

renzokufc3764d ago

I don't understand why they mention animations as the cause for the "problem"... shouldn't they just adjust some values for the characters?

riqued3764d ago

If their animations are slower they should make less damage over time.

zagibu3764d ago

As above poster said, the damage values should be equal (they probably don't even have seperate values for the two genders), but the women's animations are longer, meaning less damage in the same timespan.