Could Minecraft: Story Mode be Telltale’s first big failure?

Telltale Games have time and time again delivered quality products by tapping into an established game world or television series to create their own unique stories

Minecraft: Story Mode does not fit in to Telltale's winning formula and could therefore be the developer's first big failure if not executed perfectly

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HanCilliers2033d ago

f there's one company that can pull off a story mode then it's Telltale. On the other hand I get what you're saying, there's not really a story to tell in Minecraft.

scark922033d ago

Regardless this is Minecraft we are talking about, this game will sell like crazy, If you can tell a story in the Lego Universe then you can in the Minecraft universe, Telltale will just pioneer it! Which can become a hit!

Sillicur2033d ago

Hey they definately can make it great. The Minecraft community is just VERY hard to please. I have no doubt that it will sell well, but I wonder if it will be as good as their previous titles.

To stay really true to minecraft, I think the game really needs an option for players to create their own story /cutscenes and share it with other people to play.

Mr Pumblechook2033d ago

It could be many things but I don't like articles being negative about games before they are released.

Sillicur2033d ago

Yah, the story of for example Game of Thrones exceeded my expectations due to them staying true to the world and its inhabitants. Same with Tales from the Borderlands.

Hoping telltale can pull it off but this one i am sceptic about

scark922033d ago

I agree, Minecraft was popular due to the creation it was available to it, I am not sure how Telltale can add a creative aspect to this game or if it will have one!

I do assume the game will have comedic attributes to it though!

KyRo2033d ago

What is with gaming media lately? It's like they go out of their way to find anything they can complain and find a fault in anything they can.

HoldenZA2033d ago

I'm actually looking forward to the story mode, and the fact that its being done by Telltale just makes me more excited

nowitzki20042033d ago

If anyone can pull it off its them.

DesVader2033d ago

Nice touch by Telltale Studios, should be interesting to combine their story telling ability with Minecraft. Look forward to see how they pull it off.

Sillicur2033d ago

I definately did not expect their next game to be Minecraft, but yeh, they have to be able to combine it perfectly into the minecraft universe.

Sillicur2033d ago

Well Minecraft was unexpected. I wonder how much of a hand Microsoft had in the Telltale/Mojang partnership

mxguy932033d ago

Anyone remember the jurassic park game bye tell tale

DaleCooper2033d ago

Yep, I believe that was their first failure. It was not good.

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The story is too old to be commented.