Ton Of New Naruto Gameplay Videos Look Insane, Readies Us For The July Demo

Here are seven gameplay videos from Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, the upcoming PS3-exclusive, anime-ramen-ninja title. The visuals in this game, as we've said for the longest time now, look spectacular and we can't wait to try it out. In fact, it won't be too long before we can -- remember, there's an exclusive demo included with this month's issue of Qore. So, while you wait for the issue (should be out this Thursday, July 3), enjoy these vids to get you pumped up for the demo. Six more after the break

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Wildarmsjecht3857d ago

Dammit Naruto..If it has online vs. i'll make my brother get it. Between this, and SF HD remix, and then inevitably SF4...we'll be fighting alot. Just like when we were kids. Good times. goooood times.

solidjun53857d ago

but you're not making me get this. I might get it cause I want it..and that's all. But yea you need to get SSIIHD. You've only beaten me less than 6 times, while I have wupped your tail hundreds times over. You've grown wildarms, but I'm still crafty...even with a job and impending school.

Wildarmsjecht3857d ago

im sorry what was that? Less than 6 times? You are clearly suffering from delusions of grandeur. It's an avid side of effect of losing quite a few times to me amongst of myriad of titles, but it's OK. I have the remedy. You. Me. SS2HD. See you there :D

solidjun53857d ago

homie you got some issues. I was your pimp when it came to fighting games, especially street-figther or any variation of the system (See MvC and MvC2). Now, i'll admit, you're waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than me in COD4 and most FPS games, but as Leonadias gestures in that movie "300", 'THIS IS STREETFIGHTER!!!!!!!...and any other figthing game'.

kingOVsticks3857d ago

but not to get into your own personal conflict but i would own both of you guys at fighting games...jus sayin -_-

Wildarmsjecht3857d ago

Hahah, well send me a friend request, we'll get some good matches happening for sure. All in good fun right? :D

solidjun53857d ago

more challenges. This is going to be good!

sonarus3856d ago

In the excitement of your family feud i regret to inform you that NO Naruto does not have any online integration as of now. It could be patched in the future but its not happening

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LiquifiedArt3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Looks really great. I'll be picking this up. You gotta have a Naruto Pre-Shippuden and Post-Shippuden game in your line up. As well as maybe a Bleach game (if done well).

Sidenote: I really hope they are planning on supporting trophies. :D

Kami3856d ago

naruto is SH1T.
Ranma 1/2 FTW!!

Rythrine3857d ago

Psssshhh. I'm the Street Fighter King especially with the arcade stick. Guile, Charlie, or Ken - choose your fate lolz....J/K

solidjun53857d ago

Don't mind my brother. he's alright, but i'm the King Tuna in the Streetfighter sea. LOL!

Rythrine3857d ago

This will be great! C'mon Capcom, what's the holdup with SF HD remix?

Kami3856d ago

any steet fighter with a keyboard. nobody beats me my friend.
and MVC2 in the arcade nobody but nobody has ever beat me.

Rythrine3856d ago

Wow..Fighting game with a keyboard? Never heard of that one before. To be fair, PS3 controllers only :)

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meepmoopmeep3856d ago

Day one buy for me. looks awesome coming from me who knows nothing about Naruto. glad that it's n00b friendly where storyline goes.

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