Q&A: Aristen's Gladwell On FxStudio's 'Special' Debut

Middleware developer Aristen, founded by ex-Monolith developers Toby Gladwell and Andrew Kaplan, has announced FxStudio Creativity Suite, a cross-platform special effects sequencing solution, and that it is also to be integrated into the Gamebryo platform.

Aristen also announced today that as a Certified Partner of Emergent Game Technologies, FxStudio is being integrated into Emergent's Gamebryo platform.

Toby Gladwell was one of the original founders of Monolith Productions (No One Lives Forever, Tron 2.0) but he's since co-founded Aristen, where he now serves as CTO.

Gamasutra talked to Gladwell and he introduced us to the company's new middleware solution. he explained: "FxStudio is a cross-platform special effects sequencing system built to provide artists and engineers a way of sequencing special effects, tapping both the creative spirit as well as any existing technology."

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