DmC: Definitive Edition Is Nice, But What About A Sequel?

Definitive Editions and Remasters are fun but in the end, wouldn't everyone rather hear about a new installment in the series? Isn't that more exciting?

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NovusTerminus2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

No, Now a sequel to DMC4:SA, THAT's appealing.

DmC was a decent game, not up to DMC3/4's level. The art directions was cool at time, most boss designs aside (I.E, Poison, Bob, Mundus, Lilith and such.)

And the story made was nonsensical at most points.

With them being so different, I personally see no reason why both franchises can't continue.

Abash2022d ago

DmC was a decent game, but a very poor Devil May Cry. Virtually everything felt like a step down from the original series, and the characters and story were downright boring.

I just don't see myself wanting a DmC2 when I know a Devil May Cry 5 would just be so much better.

NovusTerminus2022d ago

Same here. I'm not any bit interested in a DmC2, but due to how different they handle I can see Capcom trying it.

I only care about DMC5 / 4:SE. I have about 300+ hours in DMC3 and another 150+ hours in DMC4. So needless to say I am waiting!

Vlaitor2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

I think if Dmc was an actualy continuity, like the son of Dante, rather than a reboot the community would be accept it way easier. To be frank, I played all 5 games and I have to say I enjoyed Dmc a lot. DMC2 was boring and I hated Nero on Dmc4.

The controls were tight, the music was great, the story was weird and forgetable but the boss made for it.

A sequel? Sure, why not!

breakpad2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

NO for fak sake not a sequel from this crap ..we need a proper DMC 5 ...

ZombieKiller2022d ago

Yeah I'll take a DMC 4 sequel or a "proper" sequel with Dante as the main character. As for DmC, no thank you. Devil May Cry went from being my favorite all time game that I put over 1000 hours into (DMC3 and Special Editions) to a one time playthru via PS+ for free. It got deleted shortly afterwards. It wasn't a bad game, but it was nowhere near what I've come to expect from the series. PLEASE give me a game with Dante, not Dunteh. I wanted to punch that shitface after I was done the game. Completely a step down in almost every way possible for me.

Again, I don't hate it. It wasn't a BAD game per say, but nowhere near what I've seen from Capcom in the past (I know thanks NT...) ESPECIALLY with the character we all know and love.

RedDeadLB2022d ago

I'm sorry, previous DMC stories made sense?

I like everything about DmC. Honestly do. It's fun, has a great art direction and other than some inconsistencies in graphics, it's overall an excellent game.

I get the criticism it got for the Dante redesign because Dante is (or was) a very popular character. But honestly, the only thing wrong with it was Dante's design (which fit the new art style) and no lock-on (not really an issue for me personally).

DMC isn't relevant because of the story. It's relevant because of the gameplay. DmC is fun, and that's what matters.

DMC4 was fun too, though, so there should be no reason both games can't coexist. Here's hoping.

ThanatosDMC2021d ago

How did it not make sense?

Legendary Dark Knight Sparda took pity to humans who were about to get ravaged by demons. He awoke to justice and fought the demons alone. Spent 2000 yrs protecting the human world fell in love with a woman named Eve. Sparda and Eve had two sons Vergil and Dante who continued to fight demons in their own way after their mom was murdered. DMC3 story of Dante's awakening with a double meaning. DMC1 is him hunting down and fighting the king of hell and freeing his brother. DMC2 just another demon god hunting business. DMC4 f*ck Nero. Also, DMC series has the anime, the mangas, and the light novels.

DmC is fine as a game on its own but it's not a Devil May Cry game. They should have called it a different IP and it doesnt help that the developer taunted the hardcore audience then delivered crap with a bottle of casual juice.

Baka-akaB2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

One of my issues with DmC , aside from a design i dont like .... is that regardless we had a game still inferior in gameplay .

One of implied and hyped by NT fans "trade offs" for the change of direction ... was supposed to be Ninja Theory doing away with the purposely campy and average story , to deliver some masterpiece on the level with their usual games and brand of storytelling .

it certainly did not happen . Storywise , it was nowhere close to Heavenly Sword , or Enslaved . You hardly see people make the argument that the story and presentation is actually much better , not since the game got released . It was even anti climatic and dissapointing with its pacing and boss choices when it comes to Mundus and Vergil . It had none of the epicness anyone usually expected for the serie from those encounters

So again here we are with a game with a still lesser , simplified , and less challenging gameplay with no real new mechanics and features , enjoyable or not ... and not even a step enough higher in its storytelling and plotting , and with mostly just a new art direction .

I dunno how people still argue that DMC was such a mess and DmC such an enthralling tale instead

Sevir2021d ago

I know I'm in the miniscminiscule minority here, but DmC:Devil May Cry was the most cohesive and followable game in the series, it's action may not have been as break neck as DMC3, but it certainly was an enjoyable game. And all the hitching and moan it got was definitely not warranted. I wish Capcom green lit a sequel. The game is still based on PS3/XB360 code, so those last gen edges and textures still plague the game, even with higher resolution textures and 1080p... If they Developed the sequel to this in UE4 I'd flip.

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-Foxtrot2022d ago

The majority of people would not want a sequel to this...hell I think most of us didn't even want this.

(note how I said majority...not all)

dmc was a disgrace to the franchise, it was a total step back for everything past games brought to the tabe and when past games in a franchise do things better then a recent game in the series then it's failed.

LightDiego2022d ago

Looks like DmC you love it or hate it, well, i hate the game.

Roccetarius2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

You could write essays about how it was a disgrace to the franchise, but yes it was pretty much a step back in every aspect. One of the worst things about it to me, is that when you search for something related to DMC (original) that failure that is DmC pops up more often than not.

getrektedmate2022d ago

Next Gen= Delays, Indies, Ports, Patches, Broken Games, Indie ports, delays of ports, delays of patches, ports of broken games, delays of broken indie ports, ports of delays of broken games, delays of ports of indies patches.

TheJacksonRGN2022d ago

That is the main reason for most remasters to make more money to fund a sequel and earn more fans.

I want a sequel to DmC, but I wouldn't mind a Devil May Cry 5

Iltapalanyymi2022d ago

i hope both have a sequel. i would love to see DmC2 and DMC5.
i like both equally.

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