Amazon talks about limited availability and delays on the second wave of Amiibo releases

Amazon has issued a statement on the limited availability and delays of the second wave of Super Smash Bros. Amiibo releases.

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christheredhead2034d ago

I pre ordered wave 2 the day it was announced they were accepting pre orders and unfortunately mine was delayed.

Good news is Amazon has started shipping some. Little Mac and Diddy are on their way and I just received Zelda today. Captain Falcon and Luigi are still a no go as of right now. Those are probably the two I want the most, but I'll wait it out.

RosweeSon2033d ago

Amazon have just told me no Diddy will be sent this side of Christmas, Zavvi have said the same for Zelda, and GAME have cancelled my Little Mac even tho stores were selling them a week early and even tho I checked in store yesterday and they still had them yet weren't decent enough to honour my order, sure it's not to with the fact I pre ordered online at £10.99 and they sell them in store for £14.99... Shambles.

Neonridr2033d ago

I am still waiting on Captain Falcon, Pit and Luigi to be sent by Amazon. Have the other 3 from wave 2.

jackanderson19852033d ago

dont really seem to be moving in ireland at all

TheFutureIsBlue2033d ago

I watched the IGN video where they talked about how hard it is to find Amiibos anywhere. It's crazy how fast they are selling.

addictedtochaos2033d ago

I can't find anywhere that has or is taking pre-orders on Capt. Falcon or Pit.

GordonKnight2033d ago

looks like ebay strikes again. Nintendo needs to ask ebay to stop selling their products.

addictedtochaos2032d ago

I'm importing Captain Falcon.

artsaber2033d ago

They simply aren't making enough, and probably on purpose. I have found Zelda and Little Mac on the shelf in Target recently. Even saw Zelda in ToysRUs - forget Walmart, it is the worst. But some places get NONE of a certain character shipped, while others get a whole variety. So far, Target has the most variety, but limited quantity and shelf space. ToysRUs has a ton of shelf space, but no variety. When I did pick up Little Mac, there were only two on the shelf, and I got to them prior to the day they were supposed to be out. Chances are, only 3 to 5 are even being shipped to any one location. This seems to be creating a false demand and a scalper's paradise. They can make more, but they simply won't.

There are a thousand copies of Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, Starfox, Zelda, and some Yoshi any location on any given day. But no Villager, Marth, WiiFit, Lil Macs, and spotty Zeldas. Haven't even seen Pitt, Luigi, or Capt Falcon yet. I know the store delivery days in my area, and since I'm close I pay stores a visit - no dice. They just aren't being shipped. This is what seems to be true for my area.

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