Come at Me Bro, 2015's Biggest Gaming Rivalries

GamesRadar - It's that time of year again: the last big games of the season have hit shelves, Game of the Year has been decided, and you've hopefully finished all your holiday shopping (though we've got a few ideas if you haven't). Now, as visions of sugar-plum goombas dance in my head, I like to relax and think about all the good things that have happened over the last year… and how freaking sick next year's gonna be.

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Relientk772030d ago

Lara Croft Vs. Nathan Drake is a great rivalry.

jb2272029d ago

It's definitely a meaningful rivalry, but I'd say Vegas odds would be placed firmly in Drake's favor once you've taken into account the whole cross-generation thing & review history. TR could definitely beat it in sales because it'll be available to somewhere around 75% more gamers, but quality I'd say Uncharted has in the bag.

ps4gamer19832030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

God's Eater 2 (ps4 & vita) vs Monster Hunter 4 (wii u & 3ds)

Persona 5 (ps4/ps3) vs Xeno (wii u)

Uncharted 4 vs Tomb Raider sequel

LAWSON722029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

I understand P5 and X are JRPGs but they are completely different games.

ps4gamer19832027d ago

Correct, but they are both titans in the jrpg arena and are exclusives to rival consoles.

Viryu2030d ago

1. Uncharted
2. The Witcher (what kind of rivalry is it even, makes no sense)
3. Bloodborne, I won't have it no other way, The Order looks too much like an on-rails shooter
4. Metal Gear
5. Uhh, same ol'stuff
6. Zelda I guess?