TVG previews Ninjatown

Gwynne Dixon writes:

''Where Nintendo's DS excels in comparison with its Sony PSP counterpart is with games that sit perfectly on the system. Developers have innovative controls to play with (e.g. the touch screen, stylus, and microphone), which offer gameplay opportunities that appeal to the console's casual market. Far too many PSP games, on the other hand, are from multi-format releases that offer the same basic experience as the home console versions, only with considerably less charming visuals and more simplistic gameplay dynamics. With this in mind, we're pleased to introduce a new title for the DS that looks set to fit the handheld's needs with a charming snugness - Ninjatown.

Based upon the world of Shawnimals (created by EGM editor, Shawn Smith), Ninjatown's gameplay is actually taken from an age old format: Tower Defence style strategy. The basic principle is stopping Wee Devils from getting across a bridge at the bottom of the game map. The attacks come in waves from various points at the top of the map and you must assemble Wee Ninja armies before placing them wisely across the map to stop the Wee Devils from advancing across the bridge.''

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