‘The Interview’ Controversy Sheds Troubling Light on Video Game Acceptance

Hardcore Gamer: All at once, the internet (save for a few rogue supporters) cried out about free speech, bowing to terrorist demands and all-around support for Rogen and his now-canceled film. The equally troubling news is that no one cares when this happens to a video game.

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ValKilmer2030d ago

If The Interview was a video game and North Korea threatened terrorist actions if it was released, I guarantee you that the majority of people would want it to be banned.

Such a double standard.

Eonjay2030d ago

With all due respect, the situations aren't really the same at all though. People spoke out against Hatred and GTA 5 but no one ever threatened to kill people who bought these games.

GTA 5 wasn't taken down from Target out of fear for shopper safety. I think the situation with this movie should be respected as something far far more serious, especially given the reality of what happened at the Dark Knight.

Speaking out against the game or pulling it from shelves isn't the same as terrorist threats or murder. GTA wasn't pulled because of fear of mass murder.

The GTA fiasco is a free speech debate. The folks who got that game pulled should not be compared to people who threatened to murder innocent people. Its not the same.

darthv722030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

I have not really been following the 'hack' but was the intended purpose to bring to light the nature of this movie and how it reflects the act of assassination on a sitting leader of a country?

If the person in the movie were not a real leader but someone else in that position (like movies do with presidents) then would it have had the same impact on NK?

you look at a movie like white house down. you have jamie foxx but he is not playing president obama he is playing president sawyer. Yes there is the similarity due to them both being black but in the movie the interview... the plot is to kill kim jong-un. A real sitting world leader.

The only movies that relate to the killing of any real world leaders are generally documentaries. Lincoln, Kennedy, Cesar... ones made after the fact.

Somebody2030d ago

I agree with darthv72. They should've put a rogue general or fictional cousin in place of the real leader they are parodying. The North Koreans would still be angry and make a lot of noise but they probably would be less dedicated in their protest like we're seeing now.

Another movie that has a similar premise is Zoolander that has an assassination attempt on the then still ruling and living Malaysian Prime Minister. It's no surprised they didn't like that and protested.

Dee_912030d ago

Imagine how america would act if another country made an theatrical movie about killing the us president.. I doubt there would be any threats... just action lol.
Its funny because when I saw the commercial for the movie I was kinda thinking in the back of my mind, this is kinda pushing it.I haven't been keeping up with hacking thing either. I had no clue of murder or actual terrorist threats, I just heard they had some email and stuff.
I think they are going to do some niffty editing and probably rename and re-shoot some scenes and release the movie..

tiffac0082030d ago


There is actually a film (or mokumentary) like that titled: Death of a President. Its about the killing of then President George Bush.

Kryptonite42O2029d ago

Its too bad that Sony is going to lose money from this... If they were in a better financial situation, just to spite North Korea, what Sony could do, is leak the movie to the internet on prupose.. then claim that they were hacked. Then state that Hackers had breached their security and leaked the movie online.

Not like people wouldnt believe it, they get hacked all the time lol.

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Spotie2030d ago

Nah. I think the majority would want to fight it.

3-4-52030d ago

Hot Shots Part Duex had Charlie Sheen shooting at a fake Sadam Hussein....Everybody seemed to be cool with it.

It was a spoof comedy, and people just accepted it as such and nobody made a big deal about it. Granted the entire plot wasn't built around that, but still it was there.

* I didn't even really want to see the movie, even though I'm a fan of both of them, but I kind of want to know that such a big deal has been made of it.

Mutant-Spud2030d ago

Yeah but there's no game which has been banned which was as shitty as Seth Rogen's movies.

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annoyedgamer2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

What happened to GTA is the result of SJWs getting control and successfully bullying retailers in a not-so-free world into pulling a product over bogus claims.

We must remember that what happened to Sony and the theaters qualifies as a terrorist threat. The bad part is this move sets the stage for fear based censorship. And literally within 24 hours a second victim has come forward.

mixelon2030d ago

Oh come on, a petition isn't the SJWs "getting control and bullying retailers."

Target took a look at the numbers and made a choice. A stupid choice, but their own damn choice. They deserve a lot more ire than any signees of the petition.

I bet the overwhelming majority of signees had no idea about the validity of the claims within, so hardly classify as SJWs. It's just a mass of random consumers who think they're doing what's best. Australia is way behind in game acceptance, the fact it happened there it's just not surprising.

Screw the chains for not thinking it through (though I respect their decision even though I disagree with it) and screw the cinema chains who caved to threats. (Although I can see why they would too, still sucks) Also, a little bit screw Sony for both pulling the plug, but ever making the damn thing in the first place, which was clearly not a genius move. Lol.

Christopher2030d ago

More like "The Interview Controversy is Shoe-horned Into Gaming Topics Because There's no Other News to Discuss"

Angeljuice2030d ago

Now a mediocre comedy (according to reviews) that would have likely been forgotten within ten minutes of leaving the cinema will be remembered forever for the controversy it caused.
Way to shoot yourself in the foot North Korea!

Angeljuice2030d ago

It had mixed reviews at best, that rating is due to the controversy (and proves that it has backfired as I said).

I've seen enough of the film to know its mediocre.

Christopher2030d ago

Critic score is 52/100. So Angeljuice is correct in his assessment.

Like most comedies of this type, it's not that great. Wife and I still wanted to see it. Hope we can eventually.

Muzikguy2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

I agree the film is mediocre. I haven't had any ambition to even see it. The previews were enough I guess for me. I'm not big into comedies either so there's that too

littlefatgirl2030d ago

It's important to note, though, that the current metascore is only based on 12 reviews, those who got an advanced screening. Most metascores are compiled safely with around 50 reviews (for movies). Not to say that it would have gone up, but there's no way of knowing, and 12 reviews isn't adequate.

BitbyDeath2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

If this movie was about North Korea coming to kill Obama and the happy ending was they did then the US would not let it air either.

How does nobody see the underlying threat in the message this movie is giving?

Angels37852030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

Because its generally accepted that North Korea is one of the largest human rights violators in the world while the US is a symbol of freedom. Thats why WORLDLY this movie is more acceptable than a film killing a US president. Kinda like films that kill hitler and other human rights violators. They are the bad guys, to the korean's, everyone else is the bad guys.

BitbyDeath2030d ago

They are the bad guys to the US. Big difference.
Hitler is an exception not even the Germans want to talk about him.

Angels37852030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

I beg to differ...I don't know of any country that aligns with North Korea accept North Korea.

They are not the bad guys to the US, it is safe to say everyone is against them.

Christopher2030d ago

@Angels3785: China and North Korea work with one another. While I wouldn't go so far to say it's an "alliance" it is definitely an agreement and something that works for both countries. Example, China actively hunts down North Korean defectors and sends them back and allows North Korea to have some people in China to learn and work.

Angeljuice2030d ago

"while the US is a symbol of freedom."

Only in the minds of Americans, the rest of the world generally see the US as an insular, semi-civilized nation of over patriotic chest-beaters.

CrowbaitBob2029d ago


And yet somehow people from all over the world continue to immigrate to the US. I guess they must really like the idea of living around a bunch of "semi-civilized chest-beaters."

I suspect you're basing your idea of "the rest of the world" on the vocal minority represented on internet message boards. Just because a person with a British accent talks S*** about the US doesn't mean the entire world looks down on the US.

BitbyDeath2029d ago

"And yet somehow people from all over the world continue to immigrate to the US."

People also like to immigrate to all sorts of other countries, third world included, US is no exception.

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Christopher2030d ago

Actually, BitbyDeath, it would be allowed. Similar movies have been made in the past and aired. Not on wide release, because no company wants to invest in something that won't make them money. But, similar movies have been made.

BitbyDeath2030d ago

Potentially, deliverance of how they go about it would be a factor though.

tiffac0082030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

You mean like this? xD

@ABBAJESUS (below)

I thought it was the one movie the hackers didn't take. xD

BitbyDeath2029d ago

I'm sure North Korea would have no problem if it were just that show Kim Jong-un got killed in.

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