Sony Santa Monica Goes on a Hiring Spree After Half-Revealing New God of War Game

After the hurriedly and not very effectively retracted reveal of a new God of War Game, Sony Santa Monica is going on a hiring spree, seeking several developer with a high experience level.

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Neixus2022d ago

Currently playing through GoW 3 now, it's so incredibly awesome! Playing on the hardest difficulty is pretty tough..

I hope the new GoW will be in norse mythology, would be pretty cool to be honest.

monkeyDzoro2022d ago

on Chaos it's a NIGHTMARE. I almost got insane trying to beat a particular BEAST there. Is it your first time playing it ? Didn't want to spoil the details.

georgenancy2022d ago

The Cerberus dog mini boss fight on chaos mode was infuriating the scorpion was the hardest part to complete in chaos mode for me

execution172022d ago

currently at the scorpion -.- only thing thats stopping me from progressing and the eventual plat

aCasualGamer2022d ago

Zeus was the most difficult part for me until i figured out a way to take on the fight with a different strategy. On chaos this game is truly brutal.

Can't wait for PS Now as i gave away my PS3.

DarkOcelet2022d ago

God Of War IV with the graphics of the Order 1886. Minds will be blown.

mysteryraz112022d ago

earliest it will release would be 2016 so graphics will be above the orders most likely

opoikl2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

This realization made me all giggly inside. I've been gaming since the golden PSX days and therefore came to know the flow of graphics evolving as a console matures, but this gen every single game seems to have been put under a microscope in such a ridiculous way it actually made me lose sight of the long term in graphical development. Can't wait to be blown away year after year by new game reveals!

KingKevo2022d ago

Blocking, countering and dodging: Your best friend in GoW. Loved GoW 3 and playing it on the hardest difficulty was a lot of fun. Good luck man.

garos822022d ago

apart from the obvious amazing achievement in graphics in GOW3 the gameplay was incredible. Beating it on hard was fun, challenging and gameplay was key

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Rimeskeem2022d ago

I can't wait to see what they are going to do with the new GoW. It can go in so many direction!

Mega242022d ago

That rebound, like a GTA Stock after the assassination.

PsBoxGamer2022d ago

Spoiler....................... ............................... ............................Did n't Kratos Die.I hope he comes back from death again lol.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans2022d ago

Well after the credits their was a blood trail where Kratos' body was at. Who knows ? Kratos is an awesome antagonist.

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