SpikeTV to Debut New Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Gameplay Video

SpikeTV and GameTrailers have announced that GameTrailers TV will debut all-new gameplay video for Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. GameTrailers will also reveal two never before seen villains that will be playable characters in the game. The show is set to air Friday at 1AM ET/PT.

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DirtyLary3761d ago

The Joker and Baraka. Alas I think I'm only half right with this till being teen rated.

MK_Red3761d ago

Yeah, Baraka is too M rated and it will be hard to put him in a T rated game unless they give him flowers instead of blades and remove all of his fatalities and special moves (Because he uses those bloody and deadly blades for most of his moves). Baraka FTW!

MK_Red3761d ago

TWO villains!? NICE. Seriously hoping for Joker to be one of them. I'd love to see Baraka too but he and his blades are too bloody and M rated for this T rated game.

dxmnecro3761d ago

Yeah, I defeinitely want to see the joker too.

MK_Red3761d ago

Yeah, even though he could have been much more sicker in a M rated game, it would still be really nice to have him perform some kind of fatality. Joker RULES!

Doppy3761d ago

This will make or break this game. Either it will be a clumsy fumble (which is what I'm expecting), or they'll prove us all wrong and deliver a solid game. Either way I can't see this game doing well.

ban fans3761d ago

I loved the series from 1 to 3, but after that, it really lost a lot of its appeal for me. Now, with DC coming on board and shooting for a teen rating without the fatalities (or limited fatalities), I really can't help but wonder if it is all hype and gimmick just to try to get people back on the MK train. I certainly hope that is not the case, I hope it is great, but excuse me if I'm a little cautious of this one.

Oh, and the Joker would be awesome!

MK_Red3761d ago

Joker vs Mileena would be UBER sweet!

MK_Red3761d ago

I'd love to see Harvey Two Face but we already have Catwoman and Batman. Joker has to be in the game as Batman's arch-villain so if they add Two Face, there will be 4 characters from Batman Universe alone!

LostChild3761d ago

Joker/Bane and Cyborg-Superman is all I want to see

dxmnecro3761d ago

That made me wonder if they will release new characters through DLC.

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