Fallout man asks Blizzard for forgiveness

Fallout 3 production director Ashley Cheng has asked for forgiveness from Blizzard for calling its StarCraft and Diablo updates "conservative".

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MK_Red3850d ago

LOL, he deserved the punishment. Seriously, they are the ones that made Fallout 3 a FPS and people should be disappointed in not Diablo 3 makers that kept it isometric and PC exclusive in this day and age to show that they still CARE for their fans.
Plus, one of the lead designers of Fallout 1 and 2 is among main devs of Diablo 3... that says something for itself.

shotputking3850d ago

the coc-kiness of this guy... fallout fans are in an uproar over what they're doing to fallout 3... then blizzard comes along with diablo 3, which looks like it was made 100% for the fans of the others, keeping the look and feel of the game classic just like the rest, and this guy tries to talk down about them for not taking the easy fps way out. what's next, someone from the metroid prime staff chirping in? fps are fine, but there is a huge fanbase out there that is just dying for some isometric love.

MK_Red3850d ago

So true. Fans have been dying for some isometric love. Blizzard gave it to fans, Bethesda didn't.

mariusmal3850d ago

yes fans were desperate for some isometric love :D me included