11 new Xbox 360 vs. PS3 comparison video's

We have already seen some Xbox 360 vs. PS3 comparison video's, today 11 new ones appeared. The video's are showing the difference (if any) between games such as Call of Duty 3, Ridge Racer (6 vs 7), Tiger Woods 07, Madden NFL 07, Fight Night 3, NBA 2K7, Need for Speed: Carbon, Tony Hawk Project 8, Full Auto (1 vs 2), Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Blazing Angels.

Can you see the difference?

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marcusfenix4341d ago

Look the same, except Ridge Racer and Blazing Angels. To me RR6 looks better, but blazing angels looks a little better on the ps3 with the extra polish time.

videl4341d ago

is this a joke ? ridge racer is far better on the ps3. go into a shop and look at it, and then look at rr6.

THWIP4341d ago

...YOU are the joke. Any moron with ONE EYE can see the PS3 games don't look any better than the 360's. In some cases...and reviewers agree...the 360 versions look BETTER.
The only PS3 games that will have a shot at looking close to what Sony has promised, are 1st party/exclusive titles, that get alot more $$ and dev time thrown at them. Sadly, R:FOM was forced to be a day-1 launch title, because Sony had nothing else ready for launch (i.e. Killzone 2); therefore, it looks more like an HD version of Black, rather than a truly next-gen title.

Marty83704341d ago

The colours and lighting in the majority of those games looks better on the PS3.

CG4341d ago

Watch them again!! but with your eyes OPEN this time fool.

FordGTGuy4341d ago

and thats all I have t osay about that.

Geohound4341d ago

PS3 looks brighter, and I couldn't care less. Sony's titles at this time make me sleepy.

TheMART4341d ago

I call that


If they used the wrong kind of washing powder. Too bright, too light. The 360 has the better colour palettes overal. And watch COD3 with the helmets physics of stuff flying away after shooting. The PS3 helmets pop up so strange

InMyOpinion4341d ago

Can't judge from these videos, they all look the same. COD 3 on the Ps3 is supposed to run in 30 fps and 360 60, but I can't see any difference between the versions. Bad videos I guess considering reviewers say the Ps3 version is'nt as good.

power of Green 4341d ago

Nevermind the videos and nevermind these Sony fans the reviewers say games look and run better on the 360 and the games that were built for the PS3(1st party)a far worse.

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The story is too old to be commented.