Digtial Journal Review: Ground Zeroes returns the iconic series to the PC

It has been 10 years since a real Metal Gear game (not counting Revengeance) was released on the PC, now the Glorious PC gamers will finally sample Hideo Kojima new vision of the iconic series.

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stanr2026d ago

Now the Glorious PC master race will once again get to enjoy one of the greatest series.

NBT912026d ago

Shame about all the other games in the series, though.

BVFTW2026d ago

Yeah, that MGS4 is a tough cookie as every other game in the series can be emulated, well at least PC gamers can say that the series is going back to its roots being a PC game and all.

Feralkitsune2026d ago

By that you mean 3 and 4. 1 and 2 are already available on PC, and everything else can run on a emulator. Some of which are easy enough to run on a god damned tablet.

--bienio--2026d ago

Just bought for 11£ Steam !! Its release today and is already 33% off!! Yes Pc Master race!! I'm glad I belong to that race!!;)

dreamed2026d ago

Its 33% off coz its over 6 months old....if master race is getting games late the your welcome to it,let me know what you think of phantom pain when its released in 2018

starchild2026d ago

Ok, let us know what you think of Planetside 2, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and some of the other PC games that are going to come out much later on the PS4.

Honestly, I have a PS4 and can play any game on it I want, but I don't mind waiting a little while longer for certain games on PC because I already have a massive backlog of games to play.

Wizard_King2026d ago

Let me know when you guys get Planetside 2. or a full version of World of Tanks, or DayZ if ever. How long did Minecraft take to get to consoles?

Oh that's right.

PC gamers get PP a whole 8 weeks after consoles. Also we get surround 4k support and graphics that make the sub 1080 console versions look inferior.

cyril sneer2026d ago

You sound a bit sour that you don't get those sorts of deals on the day of release on consoles.Lets see if planetside 2 has 33% off when it releases on console same with dayZ.

dreamed2026d ago

I'm not sour,just like trolling fanboys of all types!!!...

tbh your right this gen of consoles are pretty weak,i've yet to be impressed,apart from alien iso,that game is awesome nightmare mode is exactally that....a frikkin nightmare

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Plagasx2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

In the midst of all these crappy PC ports it's nice to have one that runs absolutely beautifully AND looks great.

Well done Konami. Can't wait for Phantom Pain :)

Anghellic2026d ago

Stop with all the fanboyisn and just enjoy the damn game guys. I'm just glad everbody gets to enjoy MGS this time around.