Gaming Age reviews Space Invaders Extreme

Dustin Chadwell reports:

''I think the version of Space Invaders that always got the most play out of me when I was kid was the Atari 2600 version, and I'm not entirely sure I had ever played the arcade game itself. Of course, I was always a bigger fan of Galaga, but I have to say that the newest iteration of Space Invaders, newly dubbed "Extreme" on the DS and PSP is a pretty damn fine update to a classic series.

Riding the wave of popularity established a little less than a year ago with XBLA title Pac-Man Championship Edition, Space Invaders Extreme has brought together not only an updated look, but some fancy on screen colors and a pretty fantastic soundtrack in an effort to breathe life into a more or less extinct franchise. Just like in Pac-Man CE, the focus here is on building up a huge score using a variety of power-ups and combinations, and then tossing your score up on an online leaderboard to see how you rank against the best of the best.''

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PS360WII3813d ago

You know I'm not suprised by all these good reviews for this one. The game has been upgraded for the better. Space Invaders is back with a vengence :)