Rolando rolling onto iPhone - Like LocoRoco with touchscreen controls

Stuart Dredge reports:

''As we've explained, there's a deafening wall of silence around the iPhone App Store launch next week from big publishers, who've been told to keep their games secret until Apple's big reveal.

However, developers working on games due out later in the year have been more forthcoming. UK firm Handcircus got in touch to tell us about its Rolando game, for example, which is aiming for an August release.

Judging by the trailer video, it's a lovely-looking action-puzzler bearing a distinct resemblance to Sony's LocoRoco (or its mobile heir SolaRola).

In other words, it's ball-shaped characters rolling round a colourful landscape, solving puzzles using The Power of Gravity as they go. And very nice it looks, too.''

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