The Steam Winter Sale Is Open For Business - Day 1 Deal Highlights

Dealspwn: "Gird your wallets and get ready to spend, because the Steam Winter Sale is now open for business! With the usual server load issues of course. It's a Christmas tradition!

The sale will run until January 2nd 2015, including "thousands" of discounts and 2-day flash sales.

Naturally we're going to keep on top of the smartest bargains and PC games deals over the coming days."

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FuzzyPixels2029d ago

I think my wallet just whimpered. Time to restock that enormous backlog, baby!

Blues Cowboy2029d ago

Haha, you'll have time to sort out an overdraft while their servers are recovering!

MurDocINC2029d ago

Gotta knock down that wish list.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232029d ago

MGS:GZ for £11. Yes please gabe, thanks for that. Not often you see day 1 33% discount on other playforms.

Great time to be PC gaming.

RVanner_2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

And its a fine port as well.

3-4-52029d ago

Hmmmm still time to go to Gamestop and get a Steam card......I should wait though.

Just got a few games I should play first....

but.....that sale though..

2029d ago
JsonHenry2029d ago

YES! Put back about ~$400 for this. May not use it all. But its there if my steam game library needs it.

SuperBlur2029d ago

Thats quite courageous of you, i didnt find anything worth the last 2 year during winter sale. I found better prices on Amazon, GMG etc ..

JsonHenry2029d ago

I rarely find better deals on Amazon. GMG sometimes will have it cheaper as well and the Humble Store. But typically its the exact same price as it is or more expensive than on Steam.

Not to mention gifting to my friends that live in depressed regions like Venezuela is a lot easier on Steam.

killbillvolume122029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Metal Gear Rising and Ground Zero thanks very much for going on sale :D Dark Souls 2 also got ya. Love it.

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The story is too old to be commented.