GTA V - PS4 Sales Numbers For Germany

gamepro writes: FIFA 15 sold 500.000 copies on PS4 in Germany. GTA V and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 200.000 copies on PS4, Tomodachi Life on Nintendos 3DS more than 200.000 copies.

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SaveFerris2543d ago

Germans do seem to love fußball and taking down terrorists.

imt5582543d ago

I'm pretty sure that Merkel play GTAV just for domination in game.

jjonez182543d ago

Dat PS4 FIFA 15 attach ratio
Probably much higher when you factor in digital downloads.

error132543d ago

Am I right to assume that only Sony/microsoft would be the only ones who would know the digital sales numbers?

voicingofreason2543d ago

Surely EA would know how would they make money from it otherwise. Sony/Microsoft could say they'd only sold a few digitally otherwise!

jjonez182542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I know for a fact that Sony tracks their digital downloads. They post the top 10 downloaded titles for each region every month on their blog.

I bet Microsoft tracks their sales too but they don't give any of that information out to the public. I do beleive there is a most popular list in XBL, but you can take that as you will.

EA would definately know. Even small indie devs get reports on how much their games sell on steam/psn/xbl