Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4/Xbox One Update Adds Realistic Tree Movement With Wind

Nature now responds more intuitively to the elements in the latest update.

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kassler2033d ago

That's great! I was a Little bit worried it would be a performance issue.

gameseveryday2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

I don't think Rockstar will add anything that will impact performance. Plus the middleware for wind simulation these days are likely light weight, however this is an assumption on my part.

user55757082033d ago

well i was on the fence but now with this realistic wind ill have to make a purchase

venom062032d ago

so what.. Battlefield 4 did this long time ago.. How is this news? and why are folks excited for this??

XboxOneX2033d ago

The wind looks amazing, its something I noticed almost instantly on Xbox One when I was driving. Rockstar just keeps improving an almost perfect game :)

Mikeyy2033d ago

You try to hard. ... on Xbox one.

poor_cus_of_games2033d ago

Yeah I noticed it almost instantly on my ps4.

N4gCryBaby2033d ago

It's there really a big difference between the x1 and ps4 versions?

Lulz_Boat2033d ago

nope, xbone version have less foliages

Gazondaily2033d ago



I have a cack sense of humour cause that made me laugh out loud.

But yes, he's right. Less foliage on X1

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purpleblau2033d ago

not very realistic interaction with the chopper down force. The trees and grass should scatter out pretty hard, but it didn't.

Muzikguy2033d ago

There was an update and things didn't get worse?! That is awesome! I'm going to have to pop this game in soon, but I'm playing Alien Isolation first. More companies should take note on how to patch a game :)

NuggetsOfGod2032d ago

Thank god they didn't fix the online loading times.

That was a close one!

Perjoss2032d ago

'blows' me away how quick they fixed this...

- I'll get my coat

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dumahim2033d ago

I really wish they'd fix the R2 problem a lot of people are running in to, or at least add an adjustment for it in the settings to add a dead zone.

Elwenil2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

The only fix is to replace the controller or to replace the rubber contact pad under the front buttons. The R2 and L2 buttons contact the silicone contact pad with a flat, narrow edged bar and after a while it will cut through the silicone rubber, reducing the amount of stroke the triggers have. It's a design flaw with the controller, plain and simple. It mostly seems to affect the launch controllers. I do not know if it was corrected after the first production runs or if the newer controllers have not had as much play time and so have not had a chance to wear out. I meant to look at my urban camo DS4 when I took it apart to install my Modsticks, but I forgot. Might be worth looking into, but that is all the info I have.

Here is a pic of my cut contact pads on my launch DS4:

dumahim2033d ago

They can fix it by adjusting for some dead zone at the end of travel. There's a reason the controllers still work fine in all other shooters. There's simply no reason to have to have 100% pull in order to fire a weapon.

dumahim2033d ago

I do intend to take it apart and see what I can do to resolve it. I’m not buying a new controller to play one game. It would seem Rockstar hasn’t even acknowledged the issue yet, so after a month, I’m guessing this is something they’ll just sweep under the rug and ignore.
I haven’t taken it apart yet to see what I can do to fix it since none of my screwdrivers work. Friend at work brought one in today though, so I hope I can find a fix tonight.

Elwenil2033d ago

Rockstar has acknowledged it and found it to be a problem with the controller, not their programming which is exactly what I and many others found out. They can't change the dead zone of the trigger since the full pull is required for the accelerator control for the vehicles. Other games will work fine if they don not require a full pull of the triggers to actuate something.

I did do a temporary fix to test out my theory on my launch controller. I added a little silicone sealant filler to the contact pad to reinforce it and give it something to press against besides the horizontal cut it had made in the original part. It did work, but it's only a matter of time before it cuts through again. If you check Ebay, you can buy the silicone contact pads for the DS4 for cheap and just replace them. A few people wrapped the edge of the contact bar on the trigger buttons to make it a little thicker and less sharp in hopes it will not cut them as easily.

dumahim2033d ago

If they said that, please share it. I haven't seen it anywhere other than customer service people pushing off the issue.

A full pull isn't needed for driving games either. Hell, most of the games I play are driving games. Know why it isn't a problem? They account for controller wear and have a dead zone at the end to account for that. Shooting, driving, whatever, it doesn't matter what it is. Add a dead zone at the end so 100% isn't needed.

Other games have driving and shooting that have no problems. There's no reason they can't adjust for some dead zone like everyone instead of expecting them to buy a new controller.

Elwenil2033d ago

Well, you can make excuses for Sony all you want but if you take your controller apart you can clearly see it is a design issue with the controller and not with any game by any manufacturer. Then take apart a well worn PS3 controller and you will see that even with thousands of hours of playing time, they never developed the same issues. That's not anti-Sony bias, that is pure and simple fact from someone who has been a staunch Sony supporter dating back to the Sony reel-to-reel decks we owned in the '70s.

AiirJordann232032d ago

I just had to replace my controller because my R2 button kelp sticking. when i play dragon age my character keeps swinging without me pressing anything. i used my warranty for my PlayStation to replace the controller. Btw, you can take a small rubberband and wrap it around the R1 and the back of the R2 button. it makes the R1 and R2 a little hard to push but it gets the job done until you get another one.

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hkgamer2032d ago

whatt is the r2 problem?

RedDevils2032d ago

I don't know what they talking about too

dumahim2032d ago

lol, a disagree for a question.

The rubber "button" inside the controller that the trigger activates gets a wear mark from the trigger so it doesn't activate when it should. So for some people, you have to pull on the trigger hard in order to fire a weapon or get full acceleration. For some it is so bad they can't fire at all.

Angerfist2032d ago

You should ask Sony why they used the shitty materials on the DS4.
Should have kept those gimmicks out, the PS3 sticks never wore off for example. Same for Xbox One.

DirtyMagician2033d ago

Yes! This is good. I was a little disappointed when I saw it wasn't in before (but didn't mind too much because most of the time I'm speeding past and too busy to notice) but this makes things even better. Now hoping the story DLC adds permanent snow.

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Meatyboy2033d ago

Rockstar are sweet!! This is what would of happened if this update was on destiny.

DLC- $10 adding tree movement when windy. If you dont purchase the dlc all trees from the game are removed.

Sorry to just bring up destiny for no reason its just that I feel like the standards from game developers and the publics standards are dropping extremely fast and it's just brilliant to see rockstar still being awesome as ever.

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