Evolve gameplay: New Monster, New Defence Mode, all-new footage

Dealspwn: "The title says it all, really. Watch me crush some AI hunters, destroy their ship and eradicate the humans from Shear in this new gameplay video, playing as the brand new Wraith Monster in the newly-announced Evacuation Mode."

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AKissFromDaddy2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

So much badass-ness. The Wraith is incredible. That movement, that cloak, that decoy and that rapid slash is perfect. I hope TurtleRock doesn't nerf the Wraith.

However, they'll need to make the hunters coolers and other Monsters as cool in their own way.

Blues Cowboy2034d ago

Yeah, the Wraith brings a completely new dimension to the game.

The video doesn't show the Abuction ability that can grab a medic or trapper and yank them a hundred metres away - it's an awesome skill but isn't useful in the all-out Defence mode!

AKissFromDaddy2034d ago

You're right. I saw that ability in GameSpot's video.

IWentBrokeForGaming2034d ago

It's nice to see the game looks a LITTLE better... But 1 minute of gameplay already showed enough of the same... The monsters needed more varieties of attacks! I just personally see this getting amazingly stale real quick! Still no different of an opinion from the Beta I've seen played over twitch!

JudgmentJay2034d ago

Would be awesome with a mode with 2 monsters vs 8 hunters or a mode where there's two teams with 4 hunters and a monster each