Last-gen revisited: Far Cry 4 - Pushed beyond their limits?

Digital Foundry at Eurogamer:
"Did last-gen simply run out of steam? Xbox 360 launched in 2005, with its successor taking eight years to arrive - three years longer than the console lifecycle established by the first two PlayStations. Artificially extended due to rising software development costs and the urge for Sony and Microsoft to maximise profits from hardware sales, the prolonged life of these consoles was both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, the need to upgrade was staved off, but on the other, there was undoubtedly the sense that these machines were hitting their limits in their twilight years. Far Cry 3 is a perfect example - a game that wowed with its scale and ambition, held back by its rather wobbly performance on console. This year's instalment emphasises the wall developers hit - Far Cry 4 is bigger and better than its predecessor, but the problems faced by its predecessor on last-gen console are just as pronounced, if not more so."

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NerdStar72034d ago

The last-gen versions are not optimized well.

NuggetsOfGod2033d ago

This gen will run out if steam faster?

2033d ago
DougLord2032d ago

In 2 years (2016) Nintendo releases Fusion with 4.6 terraflops of GOD grunt. We will see if games look much better then on PS4 (1.8 TF) or Xone (1.3 TF). I don't think they will.

The next big step in graphic fidelity will be when we can put a 1080p screen in front of each eye at 120hz for mind blowing VR. IMO you need 12-16 TFlops to do that.

cj1pate1012032d ago

So Nintendo releases fusion to kill off the wii u another failure. Sony and Microsoft release new consoles as well. Someones really reallyy far up Nintendo