Top 5 Must Have PS4 Exclusive games of 2015 (So Far)

2014 is coming to a close and thus promoted the thought of must have PS4 exclusive games for the year to come. To bring the year to a close it is pretty safe to say we are lacking must have Ps4 exclusive games at the moment.

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TheSuperior 2030d ago

This is the year for PS4. Step aside Xbox One you have nothing on these games.

NerdStar72030d ago

Bloodborne looks great!

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2030d ago

I'm anxious to see what Sony has in store for the summer. If Sony is smart, they'll unleash a couple of the big guns in June and August.

slappy5082029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

There's not even space for the likes of Persona 5, Deepdown and Rime on the list. just goes to show the amount of high quality exclusives coming out next year for playstation