Pocket Gamer reviews Cake Mania 2

Tracy Erikson reports:

''Baking is a precise science. Following a recipe to the letter is a must if you're aiming for a yummy result. No matter how fantastic the batter, shoving a cake into an overheated toaster oven instead of an actual oven is a recipe for disaster. Such is the foible of Cake Mania 2, a game cooked up on the wrong platform. While it dishes out delicious casual gameplay, it just doesn't come out well on DS. A lack of depth and cramped presentation prevent this mix from rising above mediocrity.

As the legendary cake baker Jill, Cake Mania 2 sends you across the globe to save bakeries from bankruptcy. A single-player Story mode takes you to six bakeries where you man the kitchen to set things on the path to success. As customers flock to each location, you're in the kitchen baking confections to fulfil each order.

A year is spent at each bakery, the span of a single month equating to one level. Fulfilling an adequate number of orders within a level earns the bakery enough dough to remain open for the next month – succeed in building the business for the full year and your work in that bakery is complete.''

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