Boomtown Review: Battlefield: Bad Company

Reviewed by Harry Neary, he writes:

"The single player campaign in Bad Company is a big, funny, brutal monster of a game that draws you in with its engaging characters and spectacular action. Your gold hungry squadmates provide the comedic and dramatic entertainment on a ramble through some rather massive missions.

Think Kelly's Heroes, Dog Soliders or Three Kings for the vibe of this game. This is not a game of heroes, instead you four man squad is the expendible dregs of the army, sent in to soften up the bad guys before the more expensive special forces get in on the action.

The narrative is strong, as is the way the action opens up across the large maps as you are fed your next task from the sweet voiced army radio operator."

Graphics (9)
Gorgeous scenery and excellent explosions. Some tearing holds the score back.

Durability (9)
Plenty of replay in the solo campaign and a long online shelf life.

Sound (9)
Great outdoor echoes on gunfire and entertaining voice work.

Gameplay (8)
Mostly great fun despite a few balancing issues.


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