Techland On Dying Light's Graphical Downgrade Claims: 'Not A Chance'

If anything else, the game looks even better than it did in 2013.

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midnightambler2026d ago

I want to know how they got footage from 2103. Tardis?

“If you compare the 2103 footage to any of the material released lately, you can clearly see major improvements. Downgraded? Not a chance."

Gazondaily2026d ago

And he's still waiting for Half Life 3...

linkenski2026d ago

That's everybody's new PR strategy. If internet yells out on bullshit, make an obvious lie. Just like CDPR with the same thing "Nope, Witcher 3 was NEVER downgraded." Well, then, what is that in the VGX trailer I see? Those look like in-game graphics with better lighting and detail than the new screenshots.

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ABeastNamedTariq2026d ago

We have a lot of armchair developers who apparently know more than the game makers. I say in some cases give a dev the benefit of the doubt if they know what they're doing. Except Ubi. F them.

jb2272026d ago

Seems like Techland are barely above armchair developers themselves. The first Dead Island was more broken than Unity. You literally couldn't advance the story past like 3/4 of the way thru in single player on release due to a game breaking bug, the kind that should've been spotted in an instant if there was any QA at all. I personally haven't supported Techland or Deep Silver since then.

ABeastNamedTariq2026d ago


Yeah, I forgot that they made Dead Island lol. I don't know anything anymore.

Dirtnapstor2026d ago

Watch out! Techland will be in line behind Guerrilla if the entitled and emotionally distraught have their way!

nucky642026d ago

agreed - the internet is filled with a bunch of whiny b1tches.
dying light is looking really good.

fudgenasty212026d ago

instead of a Graphical Downgrade. we got a frame rate downgrade

bumnut2026d ago

Its one or the other unfortunately.

jobboy2026d ago

and is it better....or worse?????

iNFAMOUZ12026d ago

i just hope the nighttime is scary and not action orientated like their past titles and every other zombie title...derp..

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