Nintendo’s New Console May Get Free-Form And Shape-Shifting LCD Screens

Nintendo is very close to make a deal with Japanese manufacturer Sharp. The deal includes free-form and shape-shifting LCD screens.

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gangsta_red2033d ago

Hmmmm...maybe I should hold off then on a WiiU. No doubt this wont see the light of day until maybe 4 or 5 years from now ...maybe 3 but Nintendo is always good for BC and more than likely their new console will have BC with WiiU games.

MilkMan2033d ago

Good one Nintendo! Thats why I keep coming back to you!

HentaiMasterRace2033d ago

Gotta give Nintendo props for trying something creative each gen. I like their confidence, but I feel that they should try to reel in more people with their next console. This probably won't....

BitbyDeath2033d ago

Was hoping they'd go the VR route.

mixelon2033d ago

Recently theyve been emphasising the local and online multiplayer/social side and they've always gone for a family/living room friendly image.

Nintendo aren't likely to embrace VR, it's very uniquely insular, the player is in their own little world. I'd love to see it too, as im a huge VR nut now, but I doubt it'll happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.