G&P Reviews Supreme Commander

Sixteen months after Supreme Commander's release for PC, an Xbox 360 port is the most telling avowal of Chris Taylor's and Gas Powered Game's "aim to change the definition of RTS games."

Have Taylor and Gas Powered successfully introduced elements to real-time strategy gaming? They have. Enough for redefinition? No, and Taylor et al ran aground on what motivated Supreme Commander in the first place - not so much an obstacle as an axiom. Beyond a certain speed and intensity of gameplay, RTS gives players every reason to skip intricacy or genius, and go straight for the expedient. In other words, tactics over strategy.

Reviewer: Michael Ubaldi

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mariusmal3857d ago

been playing this on the pc. yes only now cause i had a crappy pc :D
i can say on the pc is a great game, not for everyone but a great game