Exclusive Fansite StarCraft 2 Info

All the RTS fansites that were at WWI 2008 were invited to this, but seems to have been the only ones to actually put it into article form:

It's the specifics on StarCraft 2's current status in addition to the other content we have added over WWI, as well as what we will add from notes and unit data. This is all the info that Rob Pardo didn't give, StarCraft 2 info in more detail. It's also very long, and the first part includes:

* The Queen Changes
* Vespene Gas Changes
* Single Player - Graphics & Story
* The Mothership's Uniqueness
* Ponderings on the Nullifier
* Broadcasted StarCraft
* Corruptors
* StarCraft 2 Complexity
* Spectres - Units from the Novels
* Infestors' Infestations
* "Call to Arms" in StarCraft 2
* The 6 Starting Probes
* Community Responses to Changes

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Xulfxulf3813d ago

It's like Diablo III... but not!

syrinx3813d ago

Great info as always, cracking updates there :)

Wuushu3813d ago

Thanks, seems like they're ramping up info with the WWI :)

Leord3813d ago

Apparently, some fansites were not even in on the little group meeting, unfortunately. Seems the EU CM Xordiah was stressed out as hell, and that might have something to do with it..

Maticus3813d ago

So much info, thanks! The wiki on that site seems to be coming on nicely too.

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