Microsoft: open-sources framework that powers Halo’s backend

Microsoft has released its Project Orleans cloud computing framework as an open source project, putting it into the hands of developers worldwide.

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Bodge2034d ago

Uhh, this is quite significant isn't it...?

Mikefizzled2034d ago

Yes. Microsoft have slowly been evolving and making framework and languages that had been closed off into open source development. The most surprising and significant being .NET framework which went open source in November. Satya Nadella is running a very different Microsoft to Ballmer and Gates.

donthate2034d ago

It is quite significant, especially for Sony!

This is a great opportunity for Sony devs to learn, learn and learn!!!

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mhunterjr2034d ago

This is a crucial step if they expect third parties to differentiate their games with MS' cloud services.

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