If it's over 500MB, it's not a patch, it's missing content

Developers and publishers are giving us incomplete, broken games with the attitude that they can always patch them later. The latest update to Assassin's Creed: Unity is nearly 7GB of data. This is getting out of control.

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madmonkey012033d ago

does the latest patch replace the footprint of all the other patches or is it added onto it?

Reverie9902033d ago

They said a lot of it is replacing existing files so the game size won't really increase by 6.7GB. Not sure by how much exactly it does increase, though.

hay2033d ago

Well, they might have used the difference mold for the patching, and... re-arranged or re-rendered some of the assets. This way they can even get you to basically re-download entire game, with most of it being completely undistinguishable from original, and still call it a patch and a good work's day.

MasterCornholio2033d ago

Wait till it's over 9000!!!!!!!

And when that happens it will unleash the level that it was holding back.

FullmetalRoyale2032d ago


Pfff, this isn't even my final form.

G20WLY2033d ago

This was less of an article, more of a rant - and I agree with the author 100%.

Halo:MCC had a 20gb patch and yet the multiplayer was still completely broken. Both it and AC:Unity are still having regular patches thrown at them in an attempt to make them playable.

It's not okay to do this, just to hit the holiday release window. They know it's broken, but they want our money - if we don't give it to them and practice will die out.

ChrisChambers2033d ago

Master Chief Collection had a 20gb download that much is true. But, it wasn't a patch, it was all the multiplayer content they couldn't fit on the disk. It's had a lot of patches, but nowhere near 20gb worth. The initial patch was 1gb, the rest have been nowhere close to that. I'd prefer to have a game work at launch as it's intended, but if it doesn't I'd rather them patch it and get it working then to say f*#k it.

I can't speak for AC: Unity, since I don't own it. But I will agree that 7gb is a little ridiculous. Especially when there's a bug in the patch that requires you to fully redownload the game.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2033d ago

This may sound crazy, but maybe they should just hire a QA team? I mean given how widespread these problems are I refuse to believe they had anyone test it beforehand.

AtomicGerbil2033d ago

Or they had QA testers that were ignored....quite the common practice lately apparently.

hay2033d ago

I think Ubisoft is outsourcing QA. Had a chance on working with few high profile projects with QA outsourced which was deemed experienced and professional. We played Sisyphus pushing the milestones up the hill for some time, but it finally went acceptable. The feedback time was atrocious and meticulousness wasn't simply there to get it on time, which rarely happened in such magnitude with internal teams.
Ubisoft apparently isn's as soft and bashed that table with a ceramic cup.

thricetold2032d ago

Dudes and dudettes, WE, the paying customers are the QA beta testers. Been this way for about 3 years now.

Stop buying at release, stop listening to these lying ass reviews who don't even MENTION these issues. STOP.

Start being more informed customers! Start making them WORK for our loyalty and funds.

Talgrath2032d ago

Having worked in QA, let me tell you what happened. Someone in QA absolutely saw these bugs. Someone in QA reported these bugs. Then someone in management marked the bugs as low importance because they had to get the game out the door. Management screwed this pooch, no doubt about it in my mind.

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The story is too old to be commented.