Telltale Teases 'Super Secret Surprise Announcements' Before Holiday Break

Telltale looks to have some major announcements coming in mere days.

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WizzroSupreme2027d ago

Let me guess: Telltale's Doctor Who?

-Foxtrot2027d ago

Oh goody....what successful franchise with a huge existing fanbase are they going to exploit now.

ValKilmer2027d ago

Come onnnnnn Call of Duty.

mixelon2027d ago

Lol I would totally play that.

Reverie9902027d ago

Pressing X to pay respects will have some serious consequences now

mixelon2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Are you joking or is that genuinely your attitude? You really seem to hate licensed games considering your anti A:I posts and now this? :/

If there's a pre-existing demand for something it's exploitation now? That seems crazy to me. they invest a lot of time and money making their stuff that's greatly appreciated by fans. Is all merchandising exploitation too? Curious.

-Foxtrot2026d ago

I dont "hate" AI I just think it's over rated because people wanted a good Alien game, they were burned so many times in the past and when they get an alright one it's made into being bloody amazing...when most of the stuff in the game is something other games would be called for. I love Alien but I'm not going to be blind, it's an alright game but nothing special

What I mean is that it's all Tell Tale has done, instead of making something original they decide to pick the biggest, most popular franchises or things which have cult followings so when they make the game it's guarteed better scores and better sales.

Take the Walking Dead, strip it off the Walking Dead and it'll just be an average Zombie game

mixelon2026d ago

Totally disagree about your take on AI. I can't think of a single better first person survival horror game. Being the best high profile game in a genre sort of means it's not mediocre. Other than its (overly long?) length it's structurally superb.

TT have written original stories in each of the settings they've used, which can be just as much work as generating a new setting, and more awkward as you have fan expectations to worry about. The Wolf Among Us / Fables hardly had a large fanbase that would affect scores and sales.

TWD and WAO deserved their reputation for being incredibly well realised and written games. TWD S1 particularly would still have been many peoples GOTY regardless of the license. *Loads* of people care about monkey island and Jurassic park and yet those two TT series got shoddy reviews because they mostly sucked.

The premise that companies are using fans of non-game media to gain ratings for their games blows in the face of the fact that until ~2 years ago almost every film license was treated with suspicion and bad ratings because almost all were cynical marketing cash grabs. Creative Assembly and Telltale have totally turned that image around by making high quality stuff.

styferion2027d ago

Elder Scrolls or Fallout next please.

poppinslops2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )


I know EA have the licence, but Bioware still have the Old Republic and I'd be suprised if Traveller's Tales didn't Lego-fy the upcoming films...

Then there's HBO's live-action Star-Wars series (which has been in the works for a while)... Telltale are already working with them on Game of Thrones, so why not double-down?
Or it could even be one of their other shows.
I'm sure Telltale would excel at a 'True Detective' game, but there's lots of other options...

mixelon2027d ago

Wooah, a true detective game could be amazing if handled well. @[email protected]

Maninja2026d ago

That or a leftovers game would be awesome

Pintheshadows2026d ago

Not with their current engine.

I for one hope the news is 'we have finished the construction of a new engine which allows for far better animations and graphics that aren't severely dated, artstyle or no artstyle'.

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