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Maybe the tear first slipped out when he first heard the wombo combo yells blasting suddenly through his speakers. Maybe it was when he randomly fell through the solid ground to his death. Maybe it was when it finally all just became too much about 45 minutes in, or maybe it was the second he saw the title screen. It doesn’t really matter. His entire time with this game has become a haze of obnoxious, horrid, yet enrapturing gameplay, audio, and visuals that never seemed to end.

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N4g_null2035d ago

This is how this site feels sometimes lol. I just can't look away though! This game is a reflection of the ugly side of gaming on the internet. This is art.

TXIDarkAvenger2035d ago

Love the wombo combo video but damn this game would make me sick of it. Hell watching your review with it the background was bad enough.