Falcom Announces New Game 'Tokyo Xanadu' for 2015

Cult favorite developer Nihon Falcom has just announced a new game called "Tokyo Xanadu."

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ValKilmer2035d ago

Wow, this is actually a huge deal. There hasn't been a Xanadu game in almost ten years.

Relientk772035d ago

Just looked up the series and now I am excited for this

Qrphe2035d ago

So Falcom has what now? Ys, Trails and now this in development? Are they expanding or just going really slow? I want Ys soon

ValKilmer2035d ago

I believe they are expanding. I remember reading they hired a bunch of people recently.

AndrewLB2034d ago

It's unfortunate that many of their games are so text/conversation heavy that they never get localized, and when they do it's YEARS after their japanese release. Prime example is Trails in the Sky, which is a fantastic game, but is only finally hitting the non-japanese speaking world 10 years after it was released. And ONLY because of a great little company here in SoCal called Xseed is localizing them. Speaking of which... Trails Second Chapter is ALMOST ready. Translation is done and they're doing final QA work. Expect early 2015.

Relientk772035d ago

Nihon Falcom has Y's and now Tokyo Xanadu. These guys are busy. Can't wait to hear more from both of these titles

JMaine5182034d ago

That art is gorgeous 😍

TheGamez1002034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Damn...we need more falcom games released over here. And yes, vita please!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.