New Halo Wars Screenshots

The Halo Wars image gallery on Strategy Informer has been updated with 4 new screenshots.

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Mc Fadge3788d ago

But it's the controls and gameplay I worry about :<

InMyOpinion3788d ago

Good controls are somewhat the trademark of Halo. I wouldn't worry too much.

P4KY B3788d ago

I'll wait for the PC version. (and i'm a big 360 fan)

InMyOpinion3788d ago

Has anyone played C&C 3 on the 360? I've only played LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth and it worked great with the controller.

NO_PUDding3788d ago

McFadge, I was going to say exactly the same. It looks VERY beautiful.

But I can't see it working, and Halo may have good controls but Ensemble Studios has failed before on consoles.

Rekyyli3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Worked pretty well with the controller, had no trouble with the controls at all. Actually it was better than i expected. Once u get used to it, u can pull any kind of maneuver with it in no time. So i don´t see why HW would sink because of the bad controls.

Slick controls, nice graphics, fast paced action and online co-op with all the Halo stuff baked in makes this game promising. I really hope Ensemble will get the work done right as it should be. If so, this game could be a big step forward for the console RTS-genre. Day one purchase for me.

Anyone know the release date? Still late 2008?

Booyah3788d ago

nah just joking, it works well in c&c3 so it should work fine with the controller

InMyOpinion3788d ago

5 disagrees for saying Halo has great controls? What's wrong with you people? Halo was the first console FPS that nailed the controls.

Here, jerk off to this then: *Halo is teh suxxorz. So overrated. RROD. Epic failz!*

iNcRiMiNaTi3788d ago

i hope they have mouse + keyboard support on this. RTS games play better with it. controllers are cool too as someone else said, C&C3 played good on controller

dachiefsman3788d ago

you guys need to read up on this game. It was developed ground up for the 360 controls. The developers said that they kept the current console generation at the fore front when developing this game.

The Controls

from the site: "We've spent a great deal of time simply on getting the controls right. Halo Wars was created for the Xbox 360 from the ground up, which meant we didn't have to make compromises or shoe-horn in artifacts from a Windows PC game. We were able to take all the best aspects of RTS games, make them work perfectly on the Xbox 360, and exclude the rest."

dachiefsman3788d ago

I think the game has promise. I agree with the comments above about past RTS's but I hope they take this game to a new level for consoles cause it really looks great.

CrazzyMan3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

now, i will probably just download it.
not going to pay 50-60 euro, just to play online in one game that i`m interested.

i like strategy games, and i was fine with controls on PSone with Red Alert.
will probably buy this game for PC if it will come. =)
p.s. just stated my opinion.

Heavy-h3788d ago

graphics look sweet and im sure they will work on the controls of the game, and make sure they work perfectly,

i also hope it comes on pc cos i dont have a 360, but looking at the games coming in the future i might pick one up when it has that price cut people are talking about,

Also why dont 360 have key board and mouse support, it just dont make sense when MS is a organization that is mainly about Pc's

Superfragilistic3788d ago

MS has categorically dismissed a PC version. So if you want to play it lets just hope the controls work. :)

Heavy-h3788d ago

i never knew MS disclosed the pc version
But why RTS games were born on pc, infact all games were
well it looks like 360 or no game

Chubear3787d ago

The controlls are a none issue! Other console RTSs have shown controls are great on pads. This are RTSs for consoles and they're are catered to the console gamer and control pad not the PC fanbase.

It's jsut like how PC nerd elites keep doggin FPSs on consoles cause of controls when the controls work great FOR CONSOLE gamers. Just like FPSs, if you don't want to play RTSs on consoles then don't but stop b*'n about control pads cause if the console gamign community wanted to PC game we would and a vast majority of us don't.

It's nice for consoles like the PS3 to have K/M optional but this is console gaming not PC gaming so either play console FPSs & RTSs or jsut STFU about it and play your PC stuff.

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X_GAMER_X3788d ago

Then u should wait 4eva

P4KY B3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

RTS is my favorite genre, but the fixed reticle in C&C and LOTR makes me dizzy. I need a mouse.

It makes me sound like a Sony Fanboy saying i'll wait for the PC version, I love the idea of Halo Wars but if it has a fixed reticle then I cant play it.

RainOfTerror3788d ago

those aren't new at all, they've been around for a few weeks, just now in higher resolution.

nanometric3788d ago

This looks stunning and I'm a PS fan :o

Heavy-h3788d ago

same here mate PS fan
and i just cant say a bad thing about this
it is stunning

kesvalk3788d ago

i will wait for a PC version too, i love RTS, but i am already used to the mouse feeling, can't play it anyother way.

hope the PC get a version in less than 5 years...

pumpkinpunker3787d ago

the devs and M$ have confirmed they will never release a PC version of this game. it's there way of sayin that this is an RTS built from ground up to be played only on a console.

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