Rockstar Games sending out promotional weapons

CrunchGear writes:

Word on the street has it that those wacky folks over at Rockstar Games are sending out promotional Grand Theft Auto IV metal bats, to encourage the gift giving aspects of the game.

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TrevorPhillips3786d ago

what can you do its rockstar all there games are like that GTA, Manhunt and Bully

TrevorPhillips3786d ago

But there's nothing they can do about it

crimsonfox3786d ago

to your self...

anyways///im not sure this is a good idea some kids gonna kill his friend with one of those bats and who's to blame

ohhh who's to blame

InMyOpinion3786d ago

Manhunt 3 for the 360/PS3? Pls...

NO_PUDding3786d ago

Mañana, mañana....

They have the PS3 exclusive to do first. And DLC before that, but a small team creating assets won't be interfering with the conceptual team.

ChrisGTR13786d ago

cual es ese juego exclusivo de cual hablas?

ChrisGTR13786d ago

no mames ese no es esclusivo. va salir en el xbox tambien

NO_PUDding3785d ago

L.A Noire is PS3 exclsuive actually, even look at the wikipedia article. And even if it isn't, Rockstar aren't developing it, Team Bondi are.

Rockstar are creating a new IP exclusively on the PS3. Not that Michael Pachter is very often right, but he speculated the DLC for GTA4 was all to hold Rockstar off from this new IP. But it's very much been confirmed:

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