Sony Santa Monica Making a "Bad Ass AAA Game;" Promises External Development Team Info in 2015 &More

Sony Santa Monica has been more open about its projects created in collaboration with external developers than about its own internal projects lately. Three new games (Wattam, What Remains of Edit Finch and Fat Princess Adventures) were announced at PlayStation Experience, but apparently there is more to share.

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imt5581431d ago

Kratos is a bad ass character, so, maybe it is new GOW.

Walkingliving1431d ago

Your logic is Flawless. BuB+

Ezz20131431d ago

They already said they are making GOW game

i hope this is their new IP

-Foxtrot1431d ago

Hopefully it's a new IP

Thatguy-3101431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

Yea I would love instead to see what new things they can come up with. Maybe implement a thing or two from all those GoW lessons they learned.

whoyouwit041431d ago

The fact that you have to put Sony Santa Monica is making a AAA game in the headline... shows how sad Sony first party offerings are at this point.

Thatguy-3101431d ago

The majority of Sony's first party studios make AAA so I don't see what you're referencing to. But yea start wearing that statement off because starting next year Sony will be back to delivering exclusives after exclusives just like they were doing during the ps3 cycle.

Ezz20131431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

Did you Stop for sec and ask yourself :

""why i hate Sony soo much and if i hate them ...WHAT THE HELL I'M DOING IN PLAYSTATION ARTICLE THEN ?!""

IIFloodyII1431d ago

What? If a company is making a game, why wouldn't their name be in the title? Would you prefer if it was "that one company is making a AAA game."

360ICE1431d ago

Quick N4G lesson:

If a person has one single bubble and the comment the person is making is absolutely obscenely ridiculous -- chances are it's a troll.

reko1431d ago

Did you ask yourself why xbox doesnt have any great games?

SINISTERGENESIS1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

Why isnt there an a hole bubble down option?

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yanko1431d ago

god of war remaster collection

xfiles20991431d ago

That would be freaking epic but I dont want Sony to continue to make remasters.I want new experiences.New Ips so far Sony has been delivering

thewhiteelephant1431d ago

Knack is the ONLY new IP they've delivered so far. They are in the future, I actually hope none of them get delayed further this place would melt down. I especially want to check out the order, until I see concrete reviews and have a chance to play i won't purchase another ps4

medman1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

What about DriveClub? That's a new ip. The weather effects in that game are's definitely the prettiest racer out there. I didn't expect to be blown away in year one of any new console....2015 is looking spectacular though, hope it delivers and NO MORE BROKEN GAMES AT LAUNCH!!

guyman1431d ago


Wow that is ignorant trolling at its best. Just off the top of my head: resogun, knack, driveclub, transistor are all new ip's in the ps4's first year. Furthermore, the last of us, beyond two souls and tearaway were new ip's by sony's first and second party studios in 2013.

How anyone can expect a flood of new ip's in the first year of a new console is really baffling, except of course if the new console's predecessor produced no major new ip in its last 3-4 years.

" I especially want to check out the order, until I see concrete reviews and have a chance to play i won't purchase another ps4"

you're not fooling anybody with your trolling.

qwerty6761431d ago

more of these baseless one liners that never live up to the hype.

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The story is too old to be commented.