Do Mac users now need Anti-Virus?

PCAuthority writes:

The new iAntivirus is being pitched at Mac users previously thought to be safe from the threat of viruses and Web nasties. The program's creator PC Tools says the idea Macs are safe is a myth.

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TrevorPhillips3857d ago

of course they do i mean mac wont be protective for long

hfaze3857d ago

Agreed. As Macs become more common, more viruses and trojan horses will come out for it.

The main reason for Macs being "safer" than Windows PC's was obscurity. Virus and trojan horse authors are going to go after the biggest target, which is currently Windows. But with Macs making a comeback, they won't stay obscure for long.

Fototherapist3857d ago

that the market share for Macs has increased to about 8%, so yes, better safe than sorry. The market share for Windows based PC's is actually shrinking (albeit by a relatively small margin), so you know that means that some hacker is going to get a bee in his bonnet and write some malicious code.

meepmoopmeep3857d ago

there are anti-virus programs already available on the Mac.
the threat just isn't as bad as on PC. but it's there and will grow as Mac popularity grows.

Scarfy3857d ago

... more than Linux users, but a lot less than Windows users.

Basically, Mac users probably don't need anti-virus software unless they leave lots of executable files lying around in their home directory and make a regular habit of running unknown scripts and programs with root privileges...

Fishy Fingers3857d ago

Totally agree, but to find yourself in that situation what be sloppy practice and frankly, asking for trouble.

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