Xbox One vs PS4: Microsoft is turning the tide

"Now according to the latest data disclosed by Google, it seems that people have in fact been been very interested in the Xbox One this year. The console managed to grab seventh place in the search giant’s top 10 trending consumer electronics list for 2014. In other words, a plethora of people used the search engine to learn more about the Xbox One, while also undoubtedly looking up all the various promotions and price cuts announced by Microsoft these last several months."

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sarawithteeth2033d ago

As a longtime xbox fan, I find myself considering a move to PS4 simply because there is more available. I thought 360 was a solid console but have yet to be convinced by XBOne.

Ranma12033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

You talk as if your in a situation where you can only choose to save 1 of your children from a burning house...just before its about to flattened in a fight between Godzilla, King Kong and Chuck Norris.

Just buy both consoles if you can afford it

sarawithteeth2033d ago

Sadly my neighborhood has had a real problem with Godzilla, King Kong and Chuck Norris battles. It's really driven down property values in the area :(

Thatguy-3102033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

There is no point in buying two just for the sake of avoiding beign called a fanboy. They both offer most of the same games. One may offer better exclusives than the other and that's all up for the individual. A person could like both consoles and the exclusives they have to offer but others have preference. For me Sony offers exclusives that are narrative driven which I love so that's why I chose it above the other options.

Silly gameAr2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Not everybody wants to buy or can afford both consoles. Why is that so hard for some people to understand?

darthv722033d ago

Taking the middle ground approach has been my preferred way to go. i've done it every generation since the 2600 but I will say that not everyone can do that.

it's totally understandable for someone to pick a side and stick with it but to those who do like to play the field...we should not be chastised for being neutral. we have a few preferences but overall we are just trying to further the betterment of the industry as a whole by supporting games we find appealing no matter the platform.

It's not a cheap hobby by any means but it can be a rewarding one if you are willing to invest in it. Prices for things tend to go down over time, making the ability to pick up the system and games you are missing that much more attainable.

there is no rule that says you MUST BUY all the systems as they come out. I may not start out a new gen with all the systems but by the end I do have them.

Being a neutral gamer is no different than being a single platform gamer so long as you remain dedicated to the idea that playing games is a way to escape the stress of reality. We may disagree on what is fun but we agree that gaming is in And fun is the main purpose for playing games.

At has been that way for me over the last 35 years.

Silly gameAr2033d ago

I agree with you darth. I've owned multiple consoles myself, and though Playstaion is my preference, it's not the only brand that I own or enjoy. No one is being chastised or anything like that, it's just these guys that come in the comment section and go on and on about owning all of the consoles and how people should be like them if you're a real gamer.

Death2033d ago

You can be a "real gamer" and own one console. The moment you say ignorant things like "Trashbox" or "Paystation" your real gamer card gets revoked.

Kidmyst2032d ago

I can afford to buy both but have been holding off the Xbone because I have more games on the PS4 than I can keep up with. Why spend $300-$400 for another console when it'll sit. Plus I am not interested in Halo, Forza, or Sunset Overdrive so waiting for Quantum Break.

jebabcock2032d ago

It is against the rules to dislike a console but not against the rules to rip apart any game you want... interesting concept...

Nothing wrong with not liking a certain console or company. No more than liking one game over another... you just need to exercise some level maturity when possible when expressing your views

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HammadTheBeast2033d ago

If anything, I'd wait until January/February before making a choice, see what you prefer.

Although I can't find any replacement for Halo yet since switching from my Xbox 360 to PS a while back.

EvilWay2033d ago

Well if you want to chose PS4 that is fine but think of a few things first:

1. What system will your friends be playing n
2. What exclusives are you most looking forward to
3. Do you want to start over after putting all of that money and time into XBL

Just somethings I considered for myself before I made my decision

zero_gamer2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

As a huge PS3 fan and PS4 owner since launch, I am considering the Xbox One as my primary console. Of course I have PC so the whole cross platform thing won't have any effect for me at all. But if the cross platform games are console exclusive, say not available on PC, I probably would shoot for the Xbox One version mainly because that is the console I am now investing in.

This could change as this generation rolls on, but early on the Xbox One feels more like the better option for me. It has more multimedia features, better theme customizations, really nice UI, an improved controller from the 360, and a more appealing online service than PSN+. Not to mention Phil Spencer being one of the very few competent public figures of the modern gaming industry. He managed to turn some joke of a console created by Don Mattrick into a serious gamer's machine that sells far better than what everyone expected.

I have to say, this is a massive achievement for MS and a lot of progress was made the first fiscal year. Not to undermine the PS4's sales, of course. Sony really needs to count on PS4's success because the corporation as a whole isn't at all financially stable. Don't expect Sony's first party support to be as good as PS3's or possibly even Xbox One's. Sony cannot afford it as much as they can last generation and they openly admitted to cutting corners in this department, which drove me to Microsoft's wide open welcoming arms after bashing the Xbox 360 to oblivion all of last generation.

Picnic2033d ago

Solid apart from not being built well enough for its circuits not to burn out.

It was released early so that Xbox360 would get more market share.

0neShot2032d ago

More available? Xbox one currently have better exclusives than PS4. But obviously you are troll pretending to be an Xbox 360 owner.

Spid3r62032d ago

After you get a hold of the controller and find you cant log in to PSN for the one issue and or other you will quickly regret that decision.

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Foehammer2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Congrats X1

Well done

Not really surprising to see X1 googled so much, it did have the beat AAA games of the year.

Ranma12033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Who congratulates a console???

Thats like congratulating a toaster.

When I put it that way it does make you sound like a f*cking idiot right?

zero_gamer2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

"Who congratulates a console???"

More or less the company behind it, but the console is somewhat congratulated for being more competitive than it was when first revealed.

"Thats like congratulating a toaster."
Bashing a toaster is what many gamers on the internet do. Why can't the opposite work?

DarXyde2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Give me one XBOX One exclusive that's better-received than Bayonetta 2 that released this year.

"Best AAA games of the year", my foot.

EDIT: Assuming this is Foehammer who disagreed, you must be upset that you (a) can't reply and (b) can't name a single XBOX One AAA game released this year that wasn't available on another platform.

n4rc2033d ago

Who cares?

Does being on PC or 360 somehow diminish the game you are playing?

We are talking consoles here... Exclusive simply refers to one or the other..

Can you play it on ps3/ps4? No? Exclusive.. Goes both ways too..

DarXyde2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )


No it doesn't, but if you want to go by general consensus, Bayonetta 2 was better than any release on XBOX One this year, GTA V withstanding but is not something you'll miss without an XBOX One. I was challenging not his entire comment, just the part about XBOX One having the best AAA games this year. I would say that distinction goes to Nintendo because it's been a very solid year for them versus remasters, letdowns, and remastered letdowns for Sony and Microsoft. I'm being more objective about this than Foehammer is, I don't see why you felt inclined to reply to me.

Now about playing it on PS3/PS4...why do I care? Just because I'm calling out the post of an XBOX gamer doesn't mean I'm pro PS3/PS4. I am, but that's a bad conclusion to draw because I like all three. I just didn't feel like letting the guy say something that ridiculous and not commenting on it. Yes, exclusives go both ways, but both versions of The Last of Us have actually outscored Bayonetta, Smash 4, and Super Mario 3D world. I'm not bitter, if we're being realistic.

Kingdomcome2472033d ago

Sunset Overdrive which coincedentally may just be the best AAA Xbox exclusive of the year. At the moment it's on Xbox One alone.

DarXyde2033d ago


I said "give me one XBOX One exclusive that's better-received than Bayonetta 2 that released this year".

Sunset Overdrive: 81
Bayonetta 2: 91

A difference of 10. Not negligible.

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Mechanism2033d ago

Now you all care about sales! Priceless.

What were the world sales again? Come on mr numbers..

Revengeance2027d ago


Halo MCC with a rating of 86 was better than TLOU Remastered at 95?


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lifeisgamesok2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

The Xbox One is my only choice this gen because the games are just amazing

Ryse, Halo MCC, Sunset Overdrive, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, D4, Titanfall, Forza Horizon 2, Max

Plenty more to come too

kenmid2033d ago

I'm going go out on a limb and say all those disagrees our from playstation fanboys? Lol...

quenomamen2033d ago

Killer instinct amazing ? Stretch mutch ?

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